What Happens When You Get 1K Views on YouTube?

Friends, if you are going to get 1K likes on your YouTube video, then you must be thinking about what happens if you get it. 

as of March 22, 2022. More than 113.9 million channels have been created. From this, you can imagine how much competition has increased on this platform. That is, if a YouTuber wants to be famous and earn money, he must upload a variety of videos.

But if you do not have 1k likes on a YouTube video so followersindia can help you to achieve this goal. But we are going to tell you what happens when your YouTube video gets 1K likes.

Increase in Views

If you have 1K likes on your YouTube video, then it means that the views on that video will also be more. The more likes on your videos, the more likely that video will be suggested to more people.

It is not easy to get 1K likes on a video because there are fewer likes than the number of views on your video.

How much would I make if I got 1K likes on my YouTube video?

The answer is zero. You will not get any money by getting 1K likes on YouTube videos.

To monetize your channel, you must have 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers, all within 12 months. Only after that can you consider earning money from YouTube. 

So for those who think that they will get money from YouTube by getting 1K likes on YouTube videos, then they are wrong.

What is the use of Likes on YouTube?

Whenever you do a search on YouTube, definitely click on it to see the video that has the most likes. Because it lets you know that if the video on which there are likes is valuable, then that video is valuable and your query can be solved.

This is the reason that YouTubers in their videos encourage the audience to like the video.

Long Videos or Short Videos?

Are you thinking that making long videos on YouTube will benefit you more than making short videos? So it depends on your goal. If your goal is to earn money from that video, then you can make long videos. 

Because in addition to 1000 subscribers, it is also necessary to have 4,000 hours of watch time. That is why, nowadays, famous YouTubers also make long videos. But if you just want more views and likes, then you can put your video on YouTube Shorts.

Don’t Use irrelevant Titles and thumbnails

Friends, never use images and text different from your content in thumbnails and titles to get likes and views on your YouTube videos. It may be that a lot of views will come on that video, but the likes will not come. because people click on the video only after seeing your title and thumbnail.

What time is good for posting youtube videos?

To get likes and views on YouTube, the time of posting the video is very important. That’s why in the beginning, you upload your videos at different times and see at which time the most likes and views are coming on the uploaded videos.

Most YouTubers like to upload videos at night. One reason for this is that people watch videos on their laptops or mobile phones at night.


Friends, we have answered the question related to YouTube and told you some things which you do not keep in mind while uploading videos on YouTube.

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