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Unique Adventure Ideas for Couples to Try Out

Travel and love complement each other just like you complement your partner. Travel brings in a spark to your love life, and love and bonding takes your travel experience to the next level. This marriage of love and travel contributes to some of the best moments of life.

So while planning a romantic vacation, or a couples adventurous getaway, remember to think out of the box and create a special itinerary. A dash of adventure, some easy activities, some fun and some that makes you toil together is the best kind of itinerary.

With the travel restrictions being lifted, this is the right time to consider these adventure ideas for couples.

If you want to see the hidden side of your partner, helping them relax and let them find comfort in your presence. Travel makes it easy when you take yourself out of your regular setting as well.

You get to relax too and show yourself to your partner. Such settings strip you bare of your emotions and you face each other without pretenses.

Here are some unique ideas that you may check out before planning the trip. Let us be your muse!

Go on a road trip

It is said that it is not the destination but the journey that matters. And who you journey with defines the success of the trip. A road trip gives you plenty of opportunities to talk, know each other, learn about the quirks, virtues and the real person. Curate a playlist, have talking points, discuss anything under the sun. Take this opportunity to bond and know.

Sign up for couples activities

While traveling together is fun, participating and competing in exciting activities takes it to a whole new level. Think beyond the candle lights and closed dances.

Think ziplining, hiking, biking, pattery, and so on and so forth. Performing an activity together triggers the hormones and ensures you feel every bit of the time spent together. You can indeed spend some waking hours in the hotels, eateries, coffee dates, or movies, but nothing spells ‘success’ like an outdoor activity does.

Of course, it is important to note that your partner is interested and is outdoorsy too. In such cases, you can always choose from indoor options such as pottery, painting, cooking lessons, wine tasting, so on and so forth.

Take a hot air balloon ride

You like it or not, hot air balloons soar high enough to put you at a level where you cannot escape. Recall the scene from “Ugly Truth” where Katherin Heigl and Gerard Butler, despite pitting against each other, confess love.

The setting is such, the experience is such that you cannot escape the truth. What’s more romantic than to be this vulnerable and honest and find your way to each other.

Hot air balloons show you the real beauty of nature, the views you will not catch from the ground. Be it a stunning sunset, the topographical marvel, or simply the nip in the air, this activity ensures you come closer and relax in each other’s company.

Spend a night stargazing

Activities that help you keep your partner close should be a top priority. How about a romantic moment underneath the starry night sky? Snuggle up in a bubble tent and watch the galaxy pass by.

Pack a blanket, some coffee and you are all set. Such a romantic setting under a full moon is perhaps the perfect one for newly weds and those who need some time together, away from the daily drudgery of life. For those that love to stargaze, or know how the universe works, might find it a better way to spend time explaining the whole performance to the partner.

Book a paragliding session

All the adrenaline junkies out there can book a paragliding session for an action-packed time. These activities are now rampant post covid and score over the mundane lunch, movie and dinner plans.

Tick it off your bucket list, or fulfil a promise you made to your partner, no matter what it is, this activity can only create a spark and enliven your relationship.

If you are not fond of it, you can gift your partner the experience and accompany them during the session. Nothing feels more romantic than to put your partners’ choice first.

Plan to go on a safari

Safari’s were shut down during covid to stop the spread of the virus across species. But now that they are opening up, following some basic protocols, it is time to schedule a trip to one of the best safaris in the world.

They come bundled with lavish stays, romantic dinners, themed menus and much more. Resorts come with multiple features to help you have a restful stay despite a packed safari itinerary.

Lately, the resorts are ensuring amenities that can woo the lovebirds. Candle light dinners, high tea set up, hiking, swimming, etc., all are accessible.

While these are some awesome ideas, here are some more adventure ideas for couples:

  • You can find a spot to set up a cozy picnic
  • You can look for the best rock climbing experience
  • You can try activities such as paintballing and pottery for intimacy
  • Younger couples can make marshmallow guns and have a cute fight
  • You can take a walk by a river holding hands and sharing thoughts for your future together
  • You can enjoy some wine while you share your deepest secrets and get to know each other
  • Figure out the best drive-in movie location and enjoy the experience with your partner
  • Rent a bike at a suitable area and go biking together, reminiscing about your childhood and sharing the stories.
  • Visit a beach and enjoy the sunset together
  • Take your partner to a concert if you share a common interest
  • You can campout together if you have the knack for it

There are many other activities you can engage in based on your interests, and make it special for your loved one. Hope these adventure ideas for couples help you find your future spouse.