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Tsum Valley Trek Guide

Tsum Valley Trek - A complete guide for Himalaya Trekking

There is still a lack of knowledge on Tsum Valley, which was off-limits to hike. The Tsum Valley in northern Gorkha, Nepal, is a holy site for Buddhist pilgrims. Tsum means “vibrant,” which is a beautiful way to put it. Mani stones depicting deities and Chortens are only a few examples of the region’s wealth of ancient art and cultural relics.

The famed spiritual center of Kyimu Lung, where pilgrims come to study and meditate, is also located in this area. In the highlands of Tsum Valley, even the great Buddhist Siddha Milarepa found a quiet place to meditate.

This holy valley is one of India’s most untouched spots because of its isolation, allowing it to avoid urbanization for centuries.

However, while Annapurna and Everest may get all the attention when discussing Nepal as a trekking destination, eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains may be found in Nepal. Annapurna and Everest are the two most popular treks in Nepal, and rightfully so; nonetheless, many of the country’s other magnificent mountains are still mostly undiscovered by tourists due to the difficulty of the Annapurna and Everest climbs.

The Tsum Valley in Nepal is one such place, and it is where the world’s eighth-highest mountain may be found. If you’ve always wanted to hike to the Himalayas but are put off by the thought of fighting crowds on Everest or Annapurna, this is the route for you. Tsum Valley is one of the most untouched areas of Nepal, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about trekking there.

Permits to go hiking in Tsum Valley

The cost of a Manaslu Permit, during peak season, is US$ 70.00 per person for the first week and US$ 10.00 per day after that. This permit costs US$ 7.00 per person per day during peak season and US$ 50.00 for the first week if purchased outside peak season.

Permit to enter Tsum Valley; $35 during high season, $25 during low season.

Furthermore, you need to pay another 3,000 NPR for a Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP) and another 3,000 NPR for an Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP).

Trip Preparation

This hike is considered moderate and adventurous because of the high heights (above 3,700 meters). While the hike itself isn’t very taxing, with much of the ascent occurring gradually over many days, you may want to be prepared for a few more severe off-trail sections if you’re not in peak physical condition.

Due to its moderate difficulty, the Tsum Valley Trek does not necessitate extensive preparation. Nonetheless, there are a few other details you should consider. First, groups of fewer than two people are not allowed to apply for permission to undertake the Tsum Valley Trek. This means you can’t go adventuring in Neal’s Tsum Valley without a guide.

Visit a travel agency, and they will gladly match you up with other solo travelers. This is something that solo travelers should be aware of, especially if they plan on hiring a guide exclusively. I

n addition, pack some snacks and refreshments from Kathmandu, as there won’t be many options up in the highlands, or if there are, they’ll be charged at an exorbitant markup. Last but not least, remember to pack a water bottle with a purifier in case you run out of clean water along the road.

Best time to visit and weather

Tsum Valley Trek begins at an elevation of just 700 meters above sea level and reaches a peak of 3,700 meters. Naturally, higher altitudes will have a lower average temperature.

But if you plan to travel there during the monsoon. You shouldn’t expect a considerable temperature difference (June-August). Remember that most often accompanies the rain during this season, reducing visibility, which you might not enjoy. If your goal is to take in the scenery. It’s too chilly to visit during the winter (December–March).

Since September and October are peak months for trekking in this area, I recommend April and May for the Tsum Valley trek in Nepal. The temperature is just right, there is no chance of precipitation, the sky is clear, and there are few other people in the area.

Our Recommendation

For those who still want more of this area, there are various ways to extend their stay. Trek up to Lho, the highest point in the Manaslu region, and be amazed by the glacier mountains.

It surrounds the picturesque alpine settlement of Shayla (3,180 meters). The following day, you can travel to Samagaun, a picturesque village at an altitude of 3,520 meters. That sits by a glistening alpine lake that conceals some of the most breathtaking panoramas along the Manaslu Circuit.


Continue to Samdo (3,875 meters) to experience the abrupt temperature shift. You leave the subtropical terrain of Nepal and enter the icy passes of the Himalayas.

From Samdo, you can travel to Dharmasala, one of the best camping locations in Nepal. And get ready to tackle the mighty glaciers of Larky La (5,100 m), the snowiest and coldest pass in the Himalayas. Following this life-changing adventure, you can make your way back to Kathmandu via the descent from Pokhara to Bimthang and Dharapani.

What we suggest

Hiring a guide is essential if you wish to go on the Tsum Valley Trek. Peregrine Treks was the agency of my choosing for this expedition. The proprietors kept in touch with them during the trip, and their guides were incredibly well-informed.

Therefore, I enthusiastically endorse their assistance to any tourists considering a trip to this region of Nepal. Peregrine Treks can be reached at +9779851052413 if you want to learn more about this trip.

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  • I wondered if you ever made it to Tsum Valley Trek in Nepal. To what extent were you satisfied with the outcome? Would you be interested in going there if you hadn’t already? If you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comments section.