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8 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions and Things to Do in London

Traveling to London is one of the most romanticized vacations in the world – and there’s a good reason behind it. The city has a rich history from times when it was inhabited by both Anglo-Saxons and Danes till today, when it’s become a hub of creativity and art.

Every building has a story to tell with beautiful, intricate architecture. If you’re more of an adventurist, you’ll find plenty of thrills to seek in London. So, pack your bags and tag along as we go over a comprehensive itinerary for London.

Get to Know the City from The London Eye

The London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, standing 443 feet above the ground. We’d suggest keeping the London Eye tour first and last on your itinerary for the best views of London.

The circular tour of the city will last you about thirty minutes. However, you may have to wait in line for a while if you don’t have a skip-the-line ticket.

Meet the Royalty

London has a rich history of housing England’s royal family for generations. It is also home to several castles, with Hampton Court Palace being one of the most famous ones. The Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is a place where actors playing Henry VII or Anne Boleyn will invite you along for some fun antics.

The Palace also has an amazing café with some medieval-inspired foods you absolutely cannot miss. While here, you may also be invited to take part in a court session, or you can try finding your way out from the palace maze.

Experience an Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making

No, we’re not talking about Jurassic Park, but it’s pretty close. You can drive down to the Museum of Natural History and experience some of the most majestic fossilized dinosaur specimens known to date.

In total, the Museum has over 80 million items to display, and it may certainly take a while to see all of them.

Apart from having one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons, the Museum is also home to various other Dinosaur bones, including the Velociraptor, the Triceratops, and Stegosaurus. If you have kids that love dinosaurs, this will truly be an adventure to remember for them.

Have a Fun Picnic

Hyde Park is one of London’s largest parks and also houses a massive man-made lake named the Serpentine. The park also has a forum known as the Speaker’s Corner, where you can have fun utilizing free speech or heckle others.

You can pack some sandwiches and bring a mat to have a nice sit-down picnic in the park as you enjoy the cool breeze from the lake. If you bring kids along with you, you can also keep them entertained at the London Zoo.

Take Selfies with Your Favorite Celebrities

When taking the Madame Tussauds London tour, you will get plenty of opportunities to click selfies and pictures with your favorite celebrities; or at least with wax replicas of them.

The museum also offers several experiences for you to enjoy that transport you to fantastic worlds such as the MCU, the world of Sherlock Holmes, or the Star Wars Universe.

Check Out Buckingham Palace and Watch the Royal Guards

Buckingham Palace is perhaps the building that London is best known for. It is home to the royal family and is guarded by the Royal Guards. When visiting, you can know if Queen Elizabeth II is in the building by seeing the Royal Standard flying on the building’s flagpole.

On occasion, you may even see the royal family on the central balcony of the Palace. However, when they are away at their Palace in Scotland, you can visit the insides of the Palace upon purchasing a ticket.

See the Captivating Houses of Parliament

The Queen certainly manages the state affairs in modern Britain. However, its responsibility also falls upon the Prime Minister and other ministers in the Houses of Parliament. In fact, the building has housed the British government ever since the site was won by William the Conqueror.

Another attraction close to the Houses of Parliament is Big Ben. This giant clock is almost resonant with the name London across the world. To answer a common question, yes, Big Ben does tell the time, and at the start of each new hour, you can hear its famous bell.

Walk Across Tower Bridge and Fulfill Your Childhood Dreams

If hearing the popular nursery rhyme, London Bridge, made you want to visit London and cross the bridge yourself, you may find the actual London Bridge a bit lackluster. However, Tower Bridge does more than makeup for its neighbor’s simple appearance.

The bridge houses two huge towers that you can walk between. The tower bridge resembles historical depictions of the bridge built by Ragnar Lodbrok’s brother, Rollo, in Paris while defending the city from invading Vikings. As such, it serves as a major selfie point for most tourists that purchase a Tower of London tour ticket.

Go Horse-Riding Through Richmond Park

We promised you adventure, and this is one of the most aesthetically encaptivating ones you’ll get in London. Richmond ark is a natural wonderland that seems like it’s been preserved from the effects of modernization.

Whether you choose to ride a horse or a bike through the park, you’re bound to encounter some amazing sites, including wild deer, clear lakes, meadows filled with flowers, and more.

Final Thoughts

London is truly one of the most majestic cities in the world. It has a rich history while also embracing modernity in its heart. Simply walking through the city’s breathtaking architecture can heal the soul and relieve you from the stresses of your work life. Visit it now for an adventure like no other.