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Top Blockchain Games You Should Lookout For

Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

You may have heard of the brand Axie Infinity in blockchain gaming or cryptocurrency.


This is one of the most popular cryptocurrency games in the Philippines, where young people quit their jobs to play it and make an impressive $2,000 per month.

Players of the game Axie Infinity can earn $SLP by taking part in this game. AXS is also the governance token; owning it is like owning shares in a company. People who own AXS can vote on Axie Infinity and make changes. 

Decentralized (MANA)

It’s another exciting blockchain game that we think will soon become one of the most popular on the platform.

Decentraland is a piece of software built on Ethereum that lets users worldwide work together to control the whole virtual world.

The people who use Decentraland can explore, talk to, and even play games in the virtual world and buy and sell their digital property. Because of how the platform has grown, it now has interactive apps, real-time payments, and peer-to-peer communication.

The Playground (SAND)

Sandbox is a gaming and metaverse platform built on Ethereum that lets users create, share, and make money from in-world assets and gaming experiences.

The Sandbox gives its users complete control over their worldwide creations because it is meant to shake up the gaming industry as it is now. Platforms control and manage user-generated content, and gamers’ and artists’ rights are taken away.

Everyone is welcome to play in the Sandbox. In The Sandbox, anyone can make a game, create characters that look cool, and go on quests to earn SAND tokens. Everyone in The Sandbox is a part of the game’s ecosystem, meaning everyone wins. This is an accurate pay-to-play model for a business.

Plant VS Undead

Players in Plant vs. Zombies can be real farmers, and the game’s currency is Light Energy tokens (LP), which can be traded for Plant vs. Zombies Tokens (PVU). To get Light Energy tokens (LP), players must harvest seeds, water plants, and do other daily tasks related to farming.

The platform also has a marketplace where people can buy and sell NFT plants and land. The game is based on Binance Smart Chain, which can be linked to the MetaMask wallet.

Gods Unbound

Gods Unchained is sure to be exciting for people who like to play card games. It’s a non-collectible trading card game (NFT) where players can trade cards to fight with their opponents. When people trade cards, they must buy them from someone else. The immutable X marketplace is used to buy and sell cards.

In God’s Unchained, the GODS token is the game’s own currency. It’s an ERC-20 token that can be used to make NFTs and vote on the game’s governance plan. So, players must use Ethereum with supported wallets, such as Metamask.


Illuvium is a battle that is done by itself. The players must fight to beat their opponents by completing daily challenges and leveling up. As a reward, they get LIV tokens.

Also, players can gather Illuvials, creatures that can’t be tamed, and let them fight in battles. Illuvials can be upgraded, and they can also be bought and sold in the market. Illuvium is also powered by Immutable X, so players do not have to pay for gas.

The Age of Rust

Do you want to look for hidden treasure? In the new game Age of Rust, you can try to find 24 covert Bitcoin by solving puzzles.

Age of Rust is an interactive crypto game that uses the ENJIN protocol and is based on a story. It takes you to a world after the end of the world, where you have to solve puzzles to win tokens. The story takes place in a dark, futuristic world where AI has taken over and taken over everything. The Age of Rust is a unique game you should spend some time with.

Zed Run

Do you like to watch horse races? We can give you something that no one else can.

In ZED RUN, NFTs stand for horses. This is a game that uses blockchain technology. Since every horse has its own strengths, you might end up with a stallion with the best qualities, or your horse might be better suited to becoming an equinassary.

Four games will change the next generation of blockchain games, and you should look for these tokens to trade on our exchange.

Alien Worlds

WAX is a blockchain-based crypto game called Alien Worlds. It is one of the most interesting play-to-earn games in the metaverse. To play this game, you need to mine NFTs with Trillium (TLM) money. Alien World Coin is built on Ethereum, WAX, and Binance, which increases its overall value.

You can get started with $0 by using free mining tools. If you want to buy premium tools, you can spend anywhere from USD1 to USD3.

To play, choose a place to start mining (which can’t be changed) and then use your tools or buy new ones. If you want to, you can, and then you can start mining for the hidden NFTs.

Farming Tales

How does farming work in the Metaverse? Farming Tales has made a lot of fun for its players. Blockchain technology is used to make the game play-to-earn. Players can use tools in the crypto farm to take advantage of NFTs. To start farming and learn about farming in the real world, you need either an NFT set or a single NFT.

In Farming Tales, there are many farms where you can start your farming business. Land can be bought for as little as $100, and a Water Tower (which provides water) can be purchased for about $45. If you own your land, you don’t have to worry about when you can farm or where you can get in.


Splinterlands is a simple game that you can play to make money quickly. You can trade and exchange cards for rewards. Dark Energy Crystal, or DEC for short, is the Splinter Land token. It’s needed to fight in battle, finish quests, and buy assets.

Sign up for an account and buy spellbooks to get started. To win, you’ll need to make an account, collect the more than 500 gaming cards that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and used on online markets like OpenSea, and then choose your army carefully.

The game Splinterlands is a lot of fun. The game from Splinterlands is a lot of fun because it can be used with software from other places.

The League of Old

League of Ancients is one of the best crypto games because it is the only one of its kind on the market for crypto games. More than 117 million people play it every month. League of Ancients is a MOBA game with many features that let you play to earn money. Players get rewards and make real money.

LOA BEP-20 is the game’s currency, and when you win, you get some. You can choose your heroes, and each is good at something different. Through open crypto exchanges, you can trade your heroes for NFTs.

How things turn out depends on which hero you choose and your strategy. To get rewards, you have to beat the other team.


By making the so-called NFT game, Metaverse was trying to stop football fans from having fun. It has much to do with football; almost all football teams (180) are registered members. This includes betting, and people who win get credit cards backed by ETH.

Football players get four free cards that are given out at random during the game. They’ll play for you on the field. If you win a league, you will get points or NFTs. The highest reward depends on how hard the game is. You’ll be able to play with rare, valuable, and well-known cards.


MicroPets is a game that takes place in the metaverse and has the cutest NFTs on the market. It’s based on the Binance blockchain, and people who want to bet on their currency must put money into mysterious boxes.

MicroPets is a place to play games online, a market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and a metaverse all in one. If you choose MicroPets runners, you’ll need to collect pet tokens [PETS] and power-ups, like speeding up or coming back from the dead, to fight off monsters.

Choosing rare pets is essential if you want a higher APE, which can go as high as 555% and is cheapest at 100%. MicroPets are precisely what a lazy farmer would make. It will block your NFTs for 30 days, keeping you safe.


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app that combines Gamefi and SocialFi. It has a “move to earn” feature that encourages people to walk, run, and jog.

To get started, players have to buy NFT sneakers from STEPN using GMT tokens, which are the game’s management tokens. Players can get GST tokens to use in the game. You can use this game token as many times as you want if you work out.

STEPN wants GameFi to help millions of users live healthier lives and connect with people on Web3.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a virtual game world that uses the Solana blockchain. If a player wants to be an astronaut, they can buy a spaceship. You can also buy other tools and land to find planets or fight other players in an online game.

In the game, there are two kinds of tokens: ATLAS, which is used to control the game, and POLIS, which is used to play the game.

Check out the full article on Star Atlas to find out everything you need to know about it.

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