Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in New York

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most promising technologies to alter organizations after cryptocurrencies acquired significant popularity. Many big and medium-sized businesses are investigating the blockchain’s potential to stand out in the crowded market.

By 2025, the demand for blockchain technology is projected to be worth over USD 39 billion, with 56% of all investments coming from the United States alone.

The rising usage of blockchain technology across several sectors in 2020 propelled it to new heights. It will undoubtedly reach even higher altitudes in 2023. We may anticipate that more sectors will utilize blockchain technology in 2023, given the amount of attention it has been receiving.

According to Forrester, business blockchain platforms will be used by most projects that go into production in 2021. IDC estimates that by 2021, 30% of manufacturers and merchants will use blockchain technologies to increase digital trust.

Consequently, blockchain development firms will emerge to meet the demands of the emerging market. Finding the best blockchain development firm will be difficult due to the growing possibilities since the technology is still relatively new for many businesses.

Combining short-term and long-term plans may help any organization stand out. The correct firm must be considered since only some businesses can fulfill your needs.

While searching for a blockchain development company in 2023, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What blockchain platforms does a corporation use?
  • What is the procedure for developing their blockchain?
  • How many blockchain developers do a business employ?

We have compiled a list of the best blockchain development businesses to watch for in 2023 based on extensive research and analysis and the criteria mentioned earlier.

In addition to being professionals in creating blockchain applications, the top blockchain firms covered in this article also provide blockchain consulting services to businesses of all sizes.

RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc., a blockchain development firm, enables businesses to create great apps that benefit from the blockchain revolution.

They provide various products, including improved SDK, Supernode, and dashboard monitoring. RisingMax aims to give entrepreneurs the necessary components to turn their concepts into reality.

The firm creates cross-platform blockchain apps that enable smooth interoperability and assist in unlimited business scaling. They are professionals with extensive knowledge and practical expertise in blockchain and AI.

  1. Cost:  $29 – $49/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 250-800
  3. Established Year:   2015

Suffescom Solutions 

This company has a strong track record of providing cutting-edge blockchain solutions and development services. They have a team of experts that use augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, and the metaverse to build excellent web 3 services and blockchain apps.

Additionally, they have a group of consultants that are quite knowledgeable in creating unique blockchain-based applications. Every industry, from gaming to governance, their workforce works hard to develop designs and technologies that surpass your online endeavors.

  1. Cost:  $29 – $49 / hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 250-999
  3. Established Year:   2013


Decentaminds is a blockchain development company that provides mobile and online app development using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, VR, big data, and analytics.

The business also works with web3, metaverse, and e-commerce systems. Decentaminds provides its customers with cutting-edge and practical solutions.

Thus it always keeps up with emerging technology. The company intends to rapidly create online and mobile software solutions that address urgent problems with a wide range of services.

  1. Cost:  $29 – $49 / hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 0-49
  3. Established Year:   2017


Innovecs is a software development company that is growing quickly. It uses cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, ML, big data, and IOT to help organizations reach the next level.

The company focuses on enterprise cryptocurrency platforms, distributed document management, money transfer solutions, loyalty programs, and developing blockchain applications.

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Engineers at Innovecs deeply understand blockchain technology because they work in many different fields, such as e-commerce, healthcare, and retail.

  1. Cost:  $29 – $49 / hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 250-300
  3. Established Year:   2013


The company has mastered the blockchain since the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They have already developed and examined security applications.

The blockchain development firm provides services, including developing application specs, UI and UX design, quality assurance, deploying hybrid cloud environments, and continuous support.

A multi-cryptocurrency wallet, an anti-fraud system with Sig3 multi-signature, an identity verification solution with smart contracts called TrustStamp, and a peer-to-peer loans project are all included in the company’s blockchain portfolio.

  1. Cost:  $100– $149/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 10-49
  3. Established Year:   2014

Rather Labs

Rather Labs, a premier global hub for blockchain technology, collaborates with over 30 entrepreneurs, startups, and companies to create, develop, and introduce Web3 solutions.

New ecosystems are designed by their talented team of engineers. Rather Labs provides the solution for software companies looking to make their MVPs from scratch, get investment, and grow their product lines.

  1. Cost:  $50– $99/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees:  10-49
  3. Established Year:   2020


Itransition is a well-known blockchain development firm that offers decentralized financial solutions all around the globe. They provide blockchain expertise and technology that may be used in marketing campaigns indefinitely. The group produces excellent outcomes and highlights areas where everyone can do better.

  1. Cost:  $29– $49/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 1000-999
  3. Established Year:   1998

Venture Aviator

One of the best blockchain development firms, Venture Aviator, has received recognition for integrating banking applications. It is useful for providing top-notch design and selecting from various alternatives while developing blockchain support.

It is constructed on a foundation supporting other AI initiatives’ success. With the help of their team, customers now have a platform to purchase blockchain businesses.

  1. Cost: $50– $99/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 51-200
  3. Established Year:   2012


Techracers has changed its name to Deqode. To address complex problems, it provides blockchain solutions to businesses. Businesses will get aid in streamlining their operations and fostering expansion.

It provides solutions for corporations, startups, and laboratories. Deqode specializes in blockchain, software development, DLT, cryptocurrency, consultancy, and application.

  1. Cost: $50– $99/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 51-200
  3. Established Year:   2017


By linking with Blockchain applications, Mindleft is making an attempt to develop solutions for business operations. It quickly enhances Blockchain applications that provide good value for business portal solutions. The group focuses on how well various Blockchain apps, which are used for different tasks, work. Clients have completed several blockchain projects.

  1. Cost: $25– $49/ hr
  2. No. Of Employees: 50-249
  3. Established Year:   2015


A new and expanding market exists for blockchain technology. As a result, new companies are founded daily. You can locate the finest blockchain development companies on the list above if you want to employ one.