Top 10 AI Banking App Development Companies

We have all come to understand that we need to adopt the newest technologies because conventional approaches are no longer viable in the year 2020. Online banking and online payment have gained popularity all around the world, whether it be for supermarket buying or financial transactions.

Worldwide, there are more than 12000 startups in the banking industry. According to studies, 30% of customers are more at ease using web-based and contemporary service providers and plan to do so more frequently. Smartphone users make up about half of the client population who use personal banking online. And during the prolonged lockdown in 2020, 90% of smartphone users made at least one online mobile payment.

Therefore, if you want to construct your own finance app, outsourcing is a really smart alternative since you can seek advice from industry experts and create better apps in a time- and money-saving manner.

However, choosing a banking app developer from the numerous available is a difficult undertaking. The top 10 banking app developers have been assembled, so you won’t have to waste time sorting through hundreds of similar apps to locate the finest ones.

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading AI banking app development company which. has 4.8/5 Clutch and 4.9/5 GoodFirms review stars. The company has developed efficient, engaging, and cutting-edge software applications for companies of all sizes and types for about ten years. 

To create top-notch apps, they make use of cutting-edge technology like Blockchain, AI, and IoT. And the fintech sector may undergo a transformation thanks to these apps. In addition to being safe, their apps are also bug-free, responsive, and user-friendly, making it simple for consumers to utilize them for all of their requirements. 

The company has its headquarters in the USA, but it provides services to companies from all over the world, including those in Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and India.

2. Dogtown Media 

Through their financial apps on their clients’ smartphones, Dogtown Media assists you in maintaining a constant connection with your customers. Their banking and finance apps have won awards and are renowned for providing consumers with value. Check out their most recent award for the Citi Mobile Challenge’s top prize for a mobile banking solution if you’re unsure.

It demonstrates their expertise in the field and dependability as one of the top providers of financial apps. The experts in Android and iPhone apps are prepared to assist you at every stage of the process, from ideation to launch. Their apps are efficient, appealing, and profitable. In addition, they have years of experience developing secure check deposit apps that include a back-end system, UI/UX design, transaction history, and other information.

3. Reinvently

Reinvently covers every facet of the fintech industry, from developing mobile banking apps to personal finance. Among its prestigious customers are Looksery, Men’s Wearhouse, Live Nation, Determine, and others. Reinvently makes an effort to comprehend the types of financial apps your company requires, examines the market and the target market, and develops the ideal solution for what the people want.

The mobile banking option enables them to monitor account activity while on the go, without having to stop by a bank or kiosk. To meet all your fintech app development needs, they also provide stock market apps, cryptocurrency apps, and wallet apps.

4. Koombea

Koombea is available to provide you with the greatest finance apps whether you are a startup or an organization. They employ cutting-edge technology and keep up with current trends while still managing to deliver the level of user engagement you desire.

For consumers to easily transfer or receive money without any fuss, Koombea can provide quick and secure personal finance apps, a user-friendly payment gateway for smartphones and tablets, and mobile banking apps. They can create apps that are appropriate for investing virtually and checking stock prices in real-time.

Apps with venture financing, money transfers, tenant screening, wealth management, PCI compliant systems, cryptocurrencies, and other capabilities are also included in their diverse portfolios. They heavily rely on machine learning to provide you with intelligent ideas and the greatest results available on the market from the apps.

5. Cliffex

Cliffex offers a variety of unique financial mobile app development services. They have scalable and reliable apps. And it can easily overcome any problems facing the financial sector today. By creating innovations like cloud computing, modern technology has revolutionized the banking sector.

Cliffex is skilled at utilizing these aspects to find the best potential solution. In India, the UK, and the USA, they provide app development services for trade, accountancy, insurance, and banking. Real-time graphs, APIs for currency conversion, and payment gateway integration are all areas that their skilled engineers are well knowledgeable in.

Additionally, the apps may do speedy transactions, generate data in real-time, and eliminate the need to spend time, money, and energy commuting to the bank. Cliffex is renowned for creating incredibly interesting, safe, and agile apps that are also simple to use.

6. Botree Technologies

Botree is the go-to mobile banking app development business if you want to create an app for more intelligent financial management. They can create apps for better transaction management, apps with high-quality but affordable features for startups, intelligent apps to boost corporate productivity, and solutions for financial mobility for all demographics.

Their developers usually aim to create top-notch programs that can quickly outperform your rivals and provide you a competitive advantage right away. It creates dynamic financial apps as one of the most well-known fintech application development businesses to help you dominate the market.

They have a wide range of apps for safe mobile payments, cutting-edge P2P lending portals, crowdfunding portals, and personal financial products in their portfolio.

7. Techtic

Techtic develops financial apps and works on these issues on your behalf. They create practical, dependable, and trustworthy apps using cutting-edge technology, and they take care of their routine updating to accommodate the constantly shifting market.

Apptega, Benjamin, Shokas, Planpro, Agohra, Wide connected, and other prestigious companies are among their prized clients. They have also received other honors, including Clutch’s Top Mobile App Developers, GoodFirms’ Top App Development Company, Web Developer’s Top Web Development Company, and Clutch’s Top 100 Companies.

8. InnovationM

This is the best mobile banking application development firm for you if security and business logic are your top priorities. They are well familiar with the current financial landscape and can lead you through shifts in consumer needs with efficiency.

Startups, SMEs, and corporations of all sizes have all received service from InnovationM. They have created cloud-based cost management systems for numerous and dynamic categories, custom payment browsers to offer further security when conducting bank transactions, and mobile wallet solutions to handle secure and immediate transactions for users. Fintech investors have been drawn to the lucrative portfolio of mobile banking development services for years.

9. ValueCoders

To provide you with the greatest fintech app solutions, ValueCoders put a strong emphasis on agility, cost leadership, and operational efficiency. They have a fantastic group of offshore developers who have the knowledge and skills to give you apps with cutting-edge payment gateways, blockchain wallets, and other useful features.

They can create the exact app you had in mind, supported by market analysis and emerging trends. They focus on operational blockchain apps, engagement apps, data analysis apps, and risk management apps, among other fintech-related topics. ValueCoders’ extensive range includes both asset management apps and enterprise tools.

They have strong, data-intensive apps. Additionally, their high-frequency transactional apps enable quick personal finance management for individuals. Additionally, these apps enable customers to more effectively examine, analyze, and manage their assets.

10. Elinext

Elinext offers clients the greatest solutions to enhance their user experience, operational efficiency, and other elements at a fair price as one of the top developers of Android banking apps. Together, their team of excellent professionals and deserving management can manage all the ups and downs of business.

Their fintech divisions cover things like trading instruments, accountancy, banking, insurance, and so on. Your company will stay far ahead of the competition thanks to their fraud detection, behavior analysis, risk management, reporting, and other extra features.


The best desktop and mobile banking app developers have been covered in this article. You can research the features you are providing, make a list of all your unique requirements, and evaluate their portfolio to choose which developer you should look for.