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10 Great Tips for Effective Local Promotion on Google

Do you have a local business or a small shop and you don’t want to invest a lot in its advertising? Google Local Business is the excellent solution for you, advertising at zero cost!!

Google My Business allows your business to reach maximum exposure depending on the area you are in, more traffic to the website (if you have it) and of course there is the option of leaving good reviews that are visible to all surfers and acquiring new potential customers. All this goodness at no financial cost at all!!

In order to help you improve and upgrade your business on the local Google, we will present you 10 professional tips that you can do on your page

Create a unique landing page for each campaign

Our first and perhaps most significant tip. Relevance is the name of the game in the case of Google Local. For each new campaign you want to promote, you must create a landing page adapted to that campaign in order to attract the surfers’ eyes specifically to the topic you want, with a suitable link to the website, something that will also help traffic to the website.

Use Facebook ads to target advertising

One of the advantages of Facebook is undoubtedly the option for advertisers to target their advertising according to different criteria.

Facebook allows you to focus your advertising down to the smallest details in the characterization of your customers – age, sex, area of residence, hobbies, level of education, family status and more.

These parameters can then be combined with location targeting, further refining potential audiences. However, even though Facebook’s targeting options are very broad, it’s important to remember that being too selective with your audience targeting options can reduce your audience to the point where it becomes negative, so be careful and targeted.

When contacting the company, select “Call only.”

“Goal-focused” landing pages are an excellent solution to promote the goal you have dedicated to yourself in business.

One of the ways to ensure that the surfer exposed to your page will actually contact you without leaving messages is to allow the potential customer to contact the business by phone and thus the first interaction with the interested party will be created.

This contact option is relevant to both Google and Facebook ads. In addition, this interest allows advertisers to bypass landing pages entirely by offering contact in a “call now” button on their ads, allowing users to call your business directly by clicking on an ad.

Create targeted local content

This is an existing job because professional and high-quality content helps promote the business, but unfortunately not all businesses are aware of the impact of targeted and local content for the population that is close to their area when they build an online promotion strategy.

Most small businesses are overloaded with too much work and do not have time to invest in quality content that will promote their business several levels above all others.

But if the business does manage to do this, it will pay off very well in the short and long term and it will acquire new customers and bring new exposure to its business and position it as a leading business in its region and community.

When it comes to deciding on the types of content you should produce, think about it from your customers’ perspective:

  • What are their most frequently asked questions?
  • What content is suitable for the products and services that your business offers?
  • Is the content seasonal or relevant for the whole year?

Include working hours and address in the business details

It is very important to make the site accessible for the customers who will be able to find important information about you, such as working hours and address.

In addition, the website must also be optimized for mobile use to make it even easier for your interested parties, who spend most of their day on mobile.

In addition, it is also highly recommended to place the business on Google maps to help customers find you very easily.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to be a computer programmer in order to operate these functions. Hiring a local SEO agency is enough to create everything for your business.

Promote positive customer reviews on social media

Besides word-of-mouth recommendations, it is very important to receive and promote positive reviews from lauding customers online.

A good customer service and shopping experience can bring you new customers and of course traffic to the website.

If your customers love and support your business, why not make the most of your business fans by promoting their positive reviews on your social channels?

Most small businesses take advantage and apply the fact that the reviews are more positive on Facebook and less on Google. Of course this is a very big miss because the influence of Google and its use are more popular and more available than Facebook.

Use ad plugins to get maximum exposure

When Google Ads was first launched in the early 2000s, the matter was strange and new for advertisers and they did not know how to deal with it correctly and efficiently. Over the years this has of course changed and advertisers know how to use this platform to improve their visibility, and ad plugins are among the most effective ways to do this.

There are two ad plugins that can be very powerful for local search marketing:

* Location plugins 

* Promotion plugins

Display location plugins allow advertisers to display the location of their business as part of their ads. Users who see ads with display location extensions can click on the address in the ad to get directions to the business’s store, which is a great way to drive organic traffic to the site.

In addition to making it easier for potential customers to find your store as quickly as possible, this plugin can also offer you a competitive advantage, even if a competing store is closer, as your having detailed one-click instructions available can entice potential customers to choose to come to your business.

Promotion plugins are among the latest additions to the long list of AdWords. This ad plugin allows advertisers to add time-sensitive offers to their ads, for example:

This can be a powerfully persuasive addition to your ads, especially if you target keywords with high commercial intent or branded terms for your products or services.

Take advantage of AdWords geo targeting options

One of the most powerful tools available to advertisers when it comes to local search is geographic targeting by business area.

While e-commerce businesses aren’t overly concerned with the location of their customers, the same cannot be said for local businesses with a predominantly local focus. Fortunately, AdWords makes it easy to maximize visibility in specific areas with its geo-targeting options.

Geotargeting isn’t just beneficial for businesses that operate from a physical store or location. It is also ideal for individuals and companies operating in wider areas.

Use ad scheduling to reflect business hours

In addition to geographic targeting, ad scheduling is also an important tool that gives advertisers more control over showing their ads to users at times and days that suit them.

For example, you own a local pizzeria in town and want to drive more traffic to your store. If your ads are shown to searchers at all hours of the day, you could be wasting money on clicks that will never get a return on their investment.

On the other hand, by choosing specific time windows in which to show your ads to hungry potential customers, you can maximize your visibility and keep your ad budget under control.

Combining day-splitting with geo-targeting can be a powerful way to target your marketing efforts in specific areas at specific times.

Adjust prices of your products/services according to your physical location and population

Another way to achieve maximum results as a result of advertising is to adjust the prices in the store according to the populations to which the business addresses and offers its services.

The prices should make sense for the area where the business is located, such as specific areas, such as cities, states or even a specific zip code. This means that advertisers can prioritize bidding on keywords that are more likely to drive traffic and sales to the business.