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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Polo Shirt For Your Logo

A Polo shirt is an exquisite apparel item. Not only does it serve as formal wear, but it can serve as casual wear. Whether you want to boost sales or advertise your company, embroidered polo shirts can be the correct outlet.

This garment is a top choice for branding and officewear. Moreover, polo shirts can set exemplary impressions on your colleagues and superiors. Overall, this apparel item is all-inclusive wear.

Choose The Right Classic Polo Shirt:

It would be best if you chose an authentic and high-quality polo shirt. Moreover, you must check its reviews before purchasing to embroider the shirt. Consider the following points before embroidering the polo shirts:

Finding a theme

To embroider the polo shirt, you must have a theme. A proper design must be in the vision. Choose the color matching your company’s motif if you are a company. Likewise, the logo must complement the company’s color scheme. If you are hosting a sports event, give out polo shirts matching the spirit. Overall, you must consider every aspect of the event to roll out an efficient embroidery design.

Shirt fabric

Next, keep in mind the quality of the shirt fabric. There are various fabrics available in the apparel market. From pure cotton to blends, you will find all. Polyester and other blended polo shirts are moisture-wicking and have considerable durability and shrinkage resistance. The polyester fabric makes an exceptional sports uniform.

Edwards apparel polo shirt collection is a suitable choice. Edwards 1576 is the right polo shirt made from polyester. Therefore, this item will accentuate your embroidery design.


Another thing to keep in mind is the price of the polo shirt. If you are an individual buyer, consider choosing reasonable-priced polo shirts. However, the bulk buying option is suitable if you are a company or an event organizer because bulk purchasing reduces shipping charges.

Find wholesalers that can sell blank polo shirts in bulk. In this case, look into Edwards apparel and see Edwards 1576 Mesh polo shirt. It is ideal for sports uniforms and serves as high-performance Activewear.

For who?

Depending on the gender of the audience, roll out your embroidered polo shirts. Moreover, look into trim and performance features. A snug polo shirt makes the wearer look fit as a fiddle. Polo shirts are a comfortable fit and depend on the wearer’s body type. Therefore, choose various sizes of polo shirts to promote inclusivity.

Why choose embroidered polo shirts?

Embroidered polo shirts are popular in professional environments. From workwear to athletic wear, polo shirts are the preferred garment. Overall, look sharp as a tack with trim and a nice-fit polo shirt. Use the embroidered polo shirts in the following ways:

Company logos

To promote your company, embroider the logo on it. It helps in building the image of your company. Polo shirts make a good choice as apparel for your workforce. Moreover, embroidered logo on it can elevate the spirits of your employees.

Either choose to screen print or embroider your company logo. You can print the company logo on either the back or front of the shirt. Overall, consider the material of the clothing item before imprinting the logo on it.

Sport’s event

Polo shirts can serve as activewear. If you organize a sports event, polo shirts make an effective uniform. Moreover, you can promote your team through embroidered polo shirts.

A hi-performance mesh shirt makes for good sports apparel. A blank Edwards 1576 Mesh polo shirt is a compelling choice for embroidery. It does more than serve as athletic wear; it offers comfort and coziness to the wearer.


Polo shirts can serve as a viable branding strategy. Often multinational companies utilize embroidered and printed logos on polo shirts to enhance their brand image. Pharmaceutical manufacturers advertise their products through it.

Moreover, save advertising and branding costs with embroidered polo shirts. Since it’s a one-time investment, companies roll out their polo shirts yearly.

Work-wear/Formal wear

Polo shirts make amazing workwear and formal wear. Dress to the nines with an authentic polo shirt like Edwards 1576 to stand out. Whether you want to attend an important meeting or have a game to follow, polo shirts are an optimal choice.