The Need of Progressive Web App & Comparison with A Native App

Tons of Mobile Phones with every day updated features and applications are available in the market. The smartphone mobile market is flourishing extensively and in this flourishing event, web development companies are contributing a major step by the development of web apps to increase customer engagement. 

We are using plenty of applications on our cell phones which requires a lot of storage and data usages, such applications are known as “Native Apps”.

Native apps are written in operating system language, i.e. they are developed for particular software and coded in specific languages which allows them to optimally function using the system’s tools and frameworks. They can be installed on a device but cannot be accessed on a browser.

While the native app comes with its limitations, the website development companies have come up with a better web app service which is known as “Progressive Web Apps(PWAs)”. “Progressive Web Apps” uses an alternative approach to make it accessible on mobile apps and websites both using the same interface. PWA application software is developed using coding in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Technologies.

With Progressive Web Apps(PWAs) custom application development, businesses can develop native-like web apps saving the exorbitant costs of mobile app development and runs simply on the website making it more popular. As per the native mobile apps, it doesn’t require any extra storage and compatible with a different type of operating system with the same capability as a mobile app. 

Benefits of PWA

PWAs are better in many ways and there are many reasons the companies should start developing PWAs.

Speed and Consistency

Progressive web app shell load faster than the native app even at non-optimal data speed. If a website takes more time to load customers leave the page and that is why loading speed has huge impacts on engagement. Business with PWA has recorded 154percent in overall engagement and 85 percent faster the loading process. Therefore, to increase engagement and to generate more business companies should be developing PWAs.

Offline Accessibility

PWAs use cache information to provide offline access to information for later use. Also, unlike native apps, the PWA use a more secure HTTP-only cookie/JAVA Script readable cookie along with auth/CRFS tokens to provide added layers of security. 

Online Visibility

Unlike native apps, PWAs are made up of app intimating web pages which makes them accessible on websites, not just on mobile phones, and due to their build they still have more visibility than the native apps. PWA helps businessmen to utilize SEO and therefore helps to increase the engagement of potential clients in a very cost-effective manner. Businessmen can share the URL of any app with SEO engagement to get more and more engagement and organic growth.

Along with higher engagement, companies can send in-app/push notifications, personalized emails which helps to increase personalized conversation with the customers to generate maximum business opportunities on social platforms with mobile marketing tools.

PWAs are much more efficient for business engagement and conversation as per the native apps. 

Native App

Though PWA runs on a website, it looks and gives an experience like the native without using any extra storage of our system.

Budget Friendly

PWAs are more budget friendly than native apps. For the development of any native app a different and separate app would be required for different platforms i.e. for ISO and Android which will not be much budget friendly for start-ups or small scale industries. We all look for budget friendly equipment so that with less investment we can generate more profit. Unlike native apps PWAs can be developed using a single code database and the codes are only written once to make it run on different browsers and save a lot of exorbitant costs and time.

Accessibility and  Installation

Native apps are available on multiple app stores but the PWAs can be indexed like any websites and found easily on any browser without taking much data. It will be accessed even at less internet frequency so will be efficient to find and use. PWA can be more preferable choice for a user is looking for web-only strategy.

PWA has many benefits over any native app. But the user always give preference to things as per their requirements, comfort, and budgets


To enhance conversions, traffic, and user experience, firms got to develop an efficient mobile marketing strategy. the choice between PWA and native application should be supported one’s business goals, audience, budget, and proposals of an internet Web Development Company. For a corporation that’s looking to supplement website traffic, Progressive Web Apps are a preferable choice. However, if the goal is to accumulate mobile-only users, then native app development may be a good selection.