Add SQL Server 2019 to Your Organizational Systems to Increase Productivity!

We all know that SQL Server licensing has always been a challenge. Fortunately, Microsoft hasn’t changed much in the last eight years. SQL 2017 and 2019 can be licensed if you previously licensed SQL 2012, 2014, or 2016.

You should be aware of a few new features in specific versions, but nothing has changed in terms of licensing the server itself. So, let’s go into some depth and discuss some more important things.

What is a SQL Server?

It is a database management system that manages data that uses relational databases (RDBMS). It supports various transaction processing, business intelligence, and analytics applications in business IT environments.

SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language, a programming language designed for specific databases. This article describes what SQL Server can do, which versions are available, and what’s new compared to SQL Server 2016.

What is a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CAL?

SERVER + CAL: This allows you to license users and devices while gaining low-cost access to incremental SQL Server deployments. This licensing model is intended for servers with a limited number of clients. The highlights include: A server license is required for each server that runs SQL Server software.

Connecting Microsoft SQL 2019 Server CAL Standard-1 User Client Access License to multiple servers and databases is straightforward. It facilitates the transfer of data and schemas between servers and improves the workflow of creating and updating databases.

Why choose SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server has numerous business applications. The database is most obviously used to store and manage information. SQL Server provides robust security for businesses with sensitive customer information, such as personal information, credit card information, and other confidential information.

The system also enables data files to be shared among computers on the same network, which improves reliability. SQL Server also accelerates data processing so that large operations can be completed quickly. Companies have a reliable backup system thanks to the information stored in the database.

Difference between SQL Server 2016 and 2019.

SQL Server 2016

Always Encrypted:

The Always Encrypted feature secures data and allows the SQL Server to perform encrypted data operations, allowing owners to protect their confidential data with an encryption key. This feature ensures that your critical data stored in the cloud-managed database is encrypted and secure.

Dynamic Data Masking:

This feature provides some people with an unreadable version of your confidential data and is viewable only by authorized users.

Dynamic Data Masking:

This feature hides your confidential data from some people and only allows authorized users to view it. Its primary application is to manage credit card information and other databases.

SQL Server 2019

Significant data clusters:

This feature enables you to deploy multiple scalable clusters of SQL Server, Spark, and HDFS containers running on Kubernetes simultaneously.

From Transact-SQL to Spark, the Big Data Cluster enables these clusters to run in parallel. It allows us to combine and analyze large amounts of big data with high-quality relational data.

UTF-8 Support:

SQL Server 2019 supports the widely used UTF-8 data encryption system. The UTF-8 character encoding is used when exporting, importing, and collecting data at the database and column levels. In object sort with UTF-8, it is enabled when the sort type is created or changed.

Enhanced Security:

Since SQL Server is closely associated with database management and procurement, the security of the transactions and data involved is one of the most important requirements. Certificates are used to manage security for SQL server access.

Certificate Management in SQL Server Configuration Manager is a new security feature in SQL Server 2019. (CTP 2.0). This certificate validates secure SQL Server instance access. SQL Server Configuration Manager now handles certificate management, which simplifies other tasks.

The 16-core Microsoft Windows TM Server 2019 Standard Edition License provides businesses with simple software for monitoring and managing cloud-ready workloads.

It enables administrators to migrate network control operations from hardware to software, enabling automatic workload balance and shift. This robust security suite detects suspicious activity as a preventative measure against malicious attacks.

Control Flow Guard guards against memory corruption, while Device Guard prevents the installation of untrusted software that could jeopardize system security. Just Enough Administration safeguards administrator credentials while restricting administrator rights.

What’s new in the Server 2019 16-core License?

Unusual hybrid datacenter platform:

Set yourself up for future success with efficient hybrid datacenter capabilities that work on-premises and in the cloud.

The fastest response time:

Enhanced security features aid in the detection and response to new and emerging threats, the prevention of attacks, the reduction of the risk of security breaches, and the protection of your business data.

Faster application innovation:

Modernize your existing applications and create the next generation with cloud-native apps.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) has been improved:

Run applications and workloads with lower maintenance costs using an HCI that combines compute and storage needs for better scalability.

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