Real Estate Mobile App Development : Monetization and Features

Businesses that deal with customers’ data and serve them directly consider mobile app development as a fundamental stage. Many industries using this crucial element are experiencing a considerable hike in their profits after launching apps. These industries include healthcare businesses, real estate, retail, education businesses.

The real estate industry faces a lot of problems, both front-end and back-end parties. The customers are not always readily available for site visits, and so are the agents too. Sometimes time issues between customers and agents occur, and many times, information clashes arise. So, the introduction of Real Estate App Development is essential to deal with the problems. 

Here we’ll discuss the features and monetization of real estate app development that enable businesses to grow and work smoothly. 

Before moving up to the features, knowing the need for real estate app development is a must. So here is a list of reasons why real estate industries should use this technology:

Need for Real Estate mobile Apps :

Lack of time with customers

Many customers do not have enough time to go for a site view personally. So, with the use of apps, they can view sites sitting at their place. 

Lack of Information

 It is one of the main reasons why real estate industries are adopting app development. The traditional method of finding property does not always work because customers prefer to ask their friends or family for real estate, which does not always show positive results.


The customers who desire to buy property under their budget find it difficult to get the best one. But with the real estate apps, they can filter the available properties under their budget and grab the property. 

Top Trending must-have Features of Real Estate mobile App:


Logging in with a real estate app enables a better user experience and generates personalization for customers. There are three ways of loginization: a social media account, google, and phone number verification. The real estate apps enable businesses to get necessary user details like name, email id, and phone number. It helps companies to be in touch with their customers. 


Every real estate app developer must include the listing option in which there will be various properties listed with relevant details. Listing features offer a wide variety of choices to customers, and when customers are satisfied, businesses also earn more. 

Show them images

Displaying property images will create a better user experience as 80% of the customers decide to buy property from the displaying photos. These images help to create an augmented reality effect. The chances of sales increase up to 30% when you use images and videos in your app. If your photos are attractive, the user will check out the property at least once, and thus, the chances increase. 


Maps help the customers to reach a destination for site view easily. Using maps will help businesses create a better user experience and also allow people new to the city to find places using map navigations easily. The app having this feature also suggests properties near the user’s current location of the customer. 

Search and Filters

The search and filter is the most crucial feature from the user’s point of view because it enables users to sort their desired property quickly. With the use of the search feature, users can find the property, and with filters, they can sort the available options matching their requirements like a particular location, budget, amenities, size of the property, parking facilities, and many more. Filters save time and help to find the right place. 

Monetization of Real Estate Apps

After going through the features of real estate apps, you are familiar with its cost and time-consuming process. Now, the question that arises is what profit do app developers earn with real estate app development?

Here is the answer to this question:

Charge Fees:

Real estate app developers or companies can earn by charging a fixed fee from their vendors. The property owner who wants to display his/her property details on the app must pay a reasonable amount fee to the app owner. Fees can be monthly. The fee payment depends upon the type of property. 

Premium users fees:

The app developers or companies charge a certain amount of fees from premium members. The more interested users buy premium subscriptions of the real estate app after completion of the free trial. 


The most popular and productive way of earning using the real estate app is through Ads. Ads regarding mortgage, home loans, furniture ads, property insurance, decorative service ads, and much more help earn a reasonable sum.  


The real estate app development companies can add the features mentioned above to offer a high-quality app. To stand and survive in this competitive market, adding unique and user-preference features can help the businesses acquire the top position. The earning with these apps is also so significant as there are various ways of profit-making, and that is why real estate app development is trending nowadays.