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28 Best Places To Visit Near McLeodganj On Your Next Trip In 2023!

Mcleodganj is among the most well-known tourist spots. Mcleodganj holds cultural and spiritual values due to the peace and tranquility it gives. A weekend getaway to Mcleodganj can be refreshing particularly those who live far from nature’s beauty.

Mcleodganj was influenced Dalai Lama and Buddhist philosophy. Mcleodganj is frequently called “Little Lhasa.” Mcleodganj is home to the lively and distinctive tradition of Tibbat.

Dharamkot as well as a number of other places in the countryside provide the most serene accommodation in the tranquil villages. Triund is another attraction located in Mcleodganj situated within 10 kilometers of distance.

There is no doubt that Mcleodganj is an ideal weekend getaway destination for those living in Delhi and NCR. We will discuss the attractions in Mcleodganj and what can be made to make your stay gorgeous or spiritual.

How to get to Mcleodganj? -Mcleodganj be reached via any transportation mode. However, your journey is feasible via the road. The nearest airport is in Gaggal at a distance of 12 km from Dharamshala.

If we assume that your journey begins from Delhi/NCR, your journey will go like this:

Delhi-Karnakl-Chandigarh-Anandpur sahib-Una-Kangra-Dharamshala-Mcleodganj

There are numerous alternative routes, this is the ideal to reduce your travel time.

Why Choose Mcleodganj As Your Weekend Destination

Mcleodganj offers a lot to the visitors. There are numerous reasons to go to Mcleodganj to enjoy your weekend getaway and the main reason can be that Mcleodganj is an ideal tourist spot.

This stunning place provides an array of natural beauty that is that is unrivalled. It is where you can witness the different cultures that is Indian and Tibetan traditions.

Mcleodganj is an ideal excursion for families as it will find markets in the local area and stunning places such as Bhagsu waterfall and a myriad of other spots for adventure. If you’re a photographer This place will keep you entertained.

Places To See In Mcleodganj

We will provide an itinerary of places to go to in Mcleodganj and the surrounding areas.

  • Tibet Museum
  • Dharamkot
  • Dal
  • Lake
  • Kareri
  • Lake
  • Kangra Fort
  • Trikund
  • Bhagsu
  • Falls
  • Sunset
  • Point
  • Bhagsu Nag
  • Temple

Short Itinerary Of Mcleodganj Weekend Trip

Mcleodganj is a miniature paradise for a weekend getaway. This hill station in miniature is an absolute delight to all tourists in India. This beautiful weather spot is a great place to enjoy the heat and beat. We can think of this as three days of a weekend getaway. The itinerary for this trip will be with the following.

Day 1

Try to get to Mcleodganj at a reasonable time in the early morning. Stay in a hotel for a good night’s rest to freshen up. And eat authentic Tibetan dishes. The same day, go to The Dalai Lama Temple

Day 2 Bhagsu Waterfall and Meditation Center

Day 3 Triund Trek where you can camp as well. The 3 hours of short hike will ensure that your trip is completed. The next day you can engage in adventure sports like Paragliding or the other things you like.

Things To Do In Mcleodganj

  • Trekking
  • Shop In
  • Tibetan Market
  • Cultural
  • Show
  • Star Gazing
  • Boat Ride
  • In Lake
  • Paragliding
  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Explore The
  • Remote Villages And Know About The Mixed Culture
  • Dhauladhar ranges
  • Namgyal Monastery

Best Time To Visit Mcleodganj

Mcleodganj is located at an altitude of 2082 meters. This makes Mcleodganj all year round pleasant. It is however, Mcleodganj remains old in the winter, but the summer temperatures remain pleasant and warm.

If you’re looking to experience the Snowfall in the months of January through March are the best to visit. The spring months of April and May attract more visitors.

Months between March and June are sunny and have skies that are clear. Monsoons recede by September. create Mcleodganj green and with lots of scenery to admire.

In addition to the weather The months of April through September are regarded as the most ideal time to travel to Mcleodganj. If you’re a photographer April, September and October are the ideal time to go there.

Things To Carry For Mcleodganj Trip

  • ID Proofs
  • Personal Products for Care
  • Warm clothing.
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermals
  • Medical Kits
  • Power bank
  • Cash in the bank
  • Chargers for your electronic
  • Torch
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Snow boots

Accommodation In Mcleodganj

As a tourist destination, hotels in Mcleodganj are plentiful. Hotels are all over the town. Whatever your budget you’ll easily find the lodging you need.

We have discussed the best destinations worth visiting in Mcleodganj, Bhagsu and Dharamkot are small towns and highly suggested to stay in these towns are quiet and less busy. Both are close to each other and within walking distance.

If you’re looking to camp, it is possible to do it near the outskirts of Mcleodganj. Triund is the most popular place to do the camping. A majority of Triund residents stay within Triund.

You can also camp near Bhagsu Waterfall on the Tri camping in the vicinity of the Bhagsu Waterfall, which is on the Tri Bhagsu Waterfall along the Trikunftrail.

Shopping In Mcleodganj

  • Mcleodganj is a place of mixed tradition, and there are intriguing items to buy in Mcleodganj.
  • Buddha Statue
  • Local Tibetan Handicrafts
  • Prayer Flags
  • Bead Necklaces
  • Tea varieties include Kangra Tea, Tibetan Tea
  • Metal jewelry
  • Books on Buddha as well as Tibetan culture
  • Mandala paintings and many others