10 Things to Strongly Consider with an On-Demand Food Delivery App

Foodies are always ready to try delicacies but the recent pandemic age has brought a drastic change in the way we order and get food. These days, people prefer to order online and get their favorite food at doorsteps. This on-demand food delivery trend is will remain for a long time because it enhances comfort, increases convenience, and provides safety while saving time and effort. Many companies and restaurants have successfully implemented this concept to grow their business significantly. 

Take an example of Swiggy, UberEats, and FoodPanda- they have set new milestones successfully with the help of user-friendly and feature-rich apps. Even food delivery startups and small restaurants can leverage the benefits of the on-demand concept through seamlessly performing apps. This is a major reason why on-demand food delivery app development is thriving at a rapid pace across the world. However, it is necessary to mention that it is quite a task to make an on-demand food delivery app successful amid growing competition and changing customer needs.  

 Top factors to consider for developing a popular food delivery app-

Research Market Trends

It all starts with researching market trends, user expectations, and business needs. While developing a feature-rich restaurant or food delivery app, you need to do proper research on the competitors’ apps and market trends. It helps you find the loopholes of other apps that you can remove in your app and bring a user-friendly app with necessary features. 

Plan Strategy

Competition research and survey of market trends enable you to plan the proper app strategy for your food delivery business. The strategy includes app features and functionality along with the promotional plan. You can also consult a reputed mobile app development company to get more insights and make an effective strategy. 

Make Roadmap

After planning a strategy, you can make a feature document and a roadmap for your food delivery app. Here, you need to consider budgetary constraints and necessary features to be included in the app. Your roadmap should also include app marketing and maintenance services. You can also meet people who have already developed apps to know their experiences. 

Allocate Budget

Initially, you need to think of the app development budget because the food delivery app requires a lot of effort and money. You can bring an app with basic features or even an MVP if you have budgetary limitations at the initial level. Subsequently, you can upgrade the app’s version. 

Select Platform

Platform selection depends on the target audience. For example, if the majority of your customers use Android phones, you should develop an Android app first. You can consult a reputed app development company to build a native app or cross-platform apps that can be seamlessly run across both Android and iOS platforms. The cross-platform app development approach is a cost-effective and preferable option especially when you want to rich a huge audience without spending a small fortune.  

Real-time Order Tracking

Now comes the key features’ part. One of the most important features of a food delivery app is a real-time order tracking. Your customers can track their orders and know the expected time of delivery using this feature. It improves the online ordering experience and increases the customer’s trust in your restaurant. Real-time order tracking is useful for you as well because as a restaurant owner, you can get the exact whereabouts of delivery persons. This feature also helps you increase your staff’s productivity and efficiency. 

Secure Online Payment

It is essential for you to provide a secure online payment. The on-demand food delivery app development company integrates payment gateways to facilitate customers to pay using debit/credit cards and eWallets in a quick and secure way. The secure online payment is another must-have feature for your food delivery app. If your restaurant app lacks such a feature, chances are high that customers may not download or retain your app in their smartphones. 

Push Notification

Push notifications can grow your business by enabling you to expand your customer base. You can send real-time alerts to your existing and regular customers about promotional offers, special discounts, new delicacies, and the like in a personalized way using push notifications. However, it is advisable to send notifications in a way that your customers do not get annoyed and uninstall your app. You can target audience effectively using push notifications. You can also send notifications related to order acceptance and payment received. 

User-friendly Interface

The first impression is the last impression- this saying holds true for your food delivery app. The very first screen on which the customer logs in should be simple yet elegant. If there is any difficulty in getting access to various features of your food delivery app then customers tend to uninstall your app. when your customers uninstall your app, your effort and investment immediately go in vain. On the other hand, a seamless and easily accessible interface can attract more customers and grow your business. 

Define Your USP

Every business model is based on USPs (Unique Selling Points), and your food delivery business is also no exception. While making an app development strategy, you need to define the USP of your business and decide the app features accordingly. The on-demand food delivery app development company can help you accomplish your objectives effectively using a customized app. 

Also, it is better to build an app in line with your business website. If you have no website, you should build one to make the most of an on-demand food delivery app. Also, you should start locally and gradually expand your customer base through an app. It is also advisable to remain active on social media platforms to resolve your customers’ queries quickly. 

Concluding Lines

An on-demand food delivery app can take your restaurant business to a new level. On one hand, it enhances the online ordering experience of your customers, and on the other hand, it brings automation in various services. It is fair to mention that the food delivery business is here to stay and by using these tips, you can stay ahead of the curve through a seamlessly-performing food delivery app.