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What Criteria Do You Need to Take Into Account While Creating Web3 Games?

The video game market is always changing. It is poised to go through a significant transition as a result of the advent of Web3. The emergence of blockchain technology and decentralization has ushered in a new age for gamers. Web3 will undoubtedly raise the bar for the gaming industry.

Web-based games have been on the internet since they first launched. However, with these games, players can possess their own version of the game functioning on their computer. After that, they may play games online with other players and interact with them to keep everyone in the game informed of what’s occurring.

If you have the will to create your own Web3 game, you can consult a top-notch web3 development firm to acquire helpful web3 game development services. Additionally, here are the criteria that you can propose to assess the long-term potential of web3 games:-

Nature of the Gaming Universe:-

Below are a few key factors that can surely help you in determining the nature of the world of games:-

1.) How Rich is the Gaming Universe?

The richness of the entire gaming universe depends on the Quality of graphics and animations, as well as the level of engagement of the storyline.

2.) Would these games be fun/enjoyable if the gamers didn’t make money playing?

Are you more subjective? It’s crucial for you to ask about will the games you are going to create the offer you fun or not. It can assist you in applying gameplay or making strategies for making money.

3.) Can players participate in the co-formulation of the ecosystem through user-generated NFTs?

It’s not mandatory that the games you are creating will allow the players to participate in the co-creation of the gaming ecosystem. But it’ll definitely be a plus point for user retention.

How accessible are the games?

You’ll find countless ways to initiate new players into the mechanics of web3 games. For example- a game, namely-“Defi kingdoms,” has been distinguished for utilizing gamification and simplifying the most complicated crypto concepts.

This Criterion is important because:-

A few years ago, blockchain gaming consisted of RPG, MMO, and strategy games with straightforward gameplay and visuals. Presently, game developers are focusing on doing experiments with the heaviest and the most complicated game mechanics. This way, Web3 games will provide you with a richer experience and will become more appealing or crypto-savvy than the conventional gaming community.

It will enable you to make speculation a legitimate part of the deal, create meaningful engagement, and encourage the co-creation of in-game assets & worlds to access the mass market.

Business Miniatures:-

If you want to make web3 games, you’ve to consider some major factors into your consideration:-

1.)Can anyone buy free-to-play games now?

Well, the purchasing of F2P play games impacts the potential of the whole gaming market in a direct way.

2.)Income Streams: 

Do the web3 games that you are going to combine a plethora of income streams? If yes, it’s really a matter of joy for you, as it assists you in minimizing the risk for the games as a whole.


Do the games you want to create surely have smart tokenomics? Are they interoperable in the real world as well as in other games? How can you evolve the value of the tokens? Are there NFTs that are both usable & collectible in the game? Are they subordinate jpg? And how much utility do they have? Well, all of these things will affect not only user retention but also token appreciation in a few coming years.


If you want to maximize the level of visibility of the games that you are going to create, high-profile partnerships, brand appeal, and valuation of native tokens will assist you in doing so.

5.)Advertisement Of The Game: 

Is advertising elegantly into the games? If not, it can become a major cause of annoyance for the players of the games.

6.) Availability of The Marketplace for Games:

Have you any idea about the marketplace where you can buy assets from within or outside of the game? If so, it’ll be helpful to you while creating Web3 games.

Business Models Are Significant:-

They are significant because they will assist you in removing all the obstacles that can stop you from entering web3 games. This way, you can acquire crypto, create a wallet, pay gas fees, and many more. It prevents the players from paying the high entry cost and helps you democratize web3 gaming.

Business facsimiles increases- the sustainability of web3 games, their accessibility, and stability of the income streams & projects as well. Moreover, it acts as a safety net for all of the defaults in the stream.

Qualities in Team:-

If the team is public and, its size ought to be proportional to the scope of its ambition & roadmap. The team members must have a relevant background and top talent from various fields of expertise, including- gaming, product development, crypto, finance, marketing, tokenomics experts, and community-building.

It’s vital to analyze how well-equipped the members of the team are and in what way they can help you to fulfill your vision. Similarly, you can apply this logic to evaluate any core startup team if you have a member in your team who has experience in games of web3 dimension and targeting a larger experience.

Financing and Roadmap:-

Do you wish to fulfill your dream? Game developers have to raise qualitative and significant amounts of crypto in venture funding. The more financially stable your business model, the more profitable your game will be & generate a multitude of income streams or minimal risks. 

Additionally, if the game developers are ambitious & visionary, they can make the roadmap of their action plan more nonexistent. This way, you can have all the shipping updates regarding your gaming project regularly and more transparently.

With the help of comprehensive roadmaps, you can promote your ambitious gaming projects publicly, enlist them on your websites, and complete your projects with marketing tactics. 

Financial status and roadmaps do not remain the same; they act differently in the case of web3 projects. So, you need not rely on the conventional alternative and the more community-driven methods.


The familiarity of your Web3 games entirely depends on social media. The more engaging, seizable, active, sketchy, and organically grown it will be, the more games will exist in the same proportion. Social media include- Telegram, Discord, Twitter communities, and more. Thus, Web3 games having solid communities will surely have the edge over other games.

Ideologically, Web3 games are all about communities, and social media is where these communities gather. The presence of strong social media is really an indicator of your potential to Austin hype and amplify the outreach of your gaming project.

Social media channels, namely- Discord, TikTok, Instagram, etc., explain the connection of the gaming project with the community. Furthermore, there are also DAOs that are truly decentralized and the most thriving community and play a pivotal role in assisting you in the development of Web3 games.

In Summation

Hopefully, after reading the article, you will have understood and found that these criteria are the best for constituting Web3 games. However, these criteria aren’t concerned with exact science, but it’s essential for you to grasp them completely to acquire long-term success in the development of web3 games. 

With the help of the above-mentioned criteria, you can have a high-quality & fun gaming experience and provide the players opportunities to shape the gaming platform more creatively.