program GE universal remote

All That You Need To Know About Programming A GE Universal Remote

When it comes to the cheapest universal remote, the ByJasco General Electric remote comes to mind. The product is commonly called GE universal remote. You have to program it with any of your devices. But, before getting into the exact steps, you have to know something that wanted before getting it paired.

By following the right strategy or steps will pair the GE remote to your TV, DVD player, Home theater system, etc.

You need the following things

  • You should know the model CL version of the remote
  • Get the code for your device
  • The brand name of the device you are going to pair.

How to know what CL version you are using?

When it comes to pairing the remote, you should know the CL version. There are three versions available as of now. They are CL3, CL4, and CL5. To know what version your remote belongs to, just open the remote battery compartment. There is labeled all the details regarding the remote control you have

Know what version is your GE remote is.

Get the code from the official website of ByJasco

This is very critical. In order for your GE remote to be get paired, you have to find the correct code for the remote and the brand of the device you are using.

So, it’s necessary to know the device brand to that you are going to pair the remote. Suppose, you are going to pair the remote for your Vizio smart TV, you have to know the Vizio as the brand name of the device.

Accordingly, we’ll find the CL code for your TV.

For example, if you are using the CL4 GE universal remote for your Vizio smart TV, then there are specific 4-digit codes for GE universal remote for the Vizio smart TV.

Now, how to get the code?

The code will be available from the official website of ByJasco. You have to go to the official website and search for the GE universal remotes. Then, you’ll land in a page where you can get the code for CL3, CL4, and CL5 versions of codes for the different branded devices.

By selecting the device category (Like TV, DVD, etc) and then selecting the brand name, you’ll get a list of supported codes for your device.

What to do with the codes?

Here the programming of a GE remote begins. We have got all that is needed like the proper code, code list version number of the remote, and the brand name of the device you want to program for. Then we are going to program the GE remote code with the device. There are 4 different types of device buttons on the remote TV, DVD, AUD, and CBL.

Use that appropriate key based on the device category you want to pair with. For TV, use the TV button. Then for the home theater, you should AUD button, and for the cable box, use the CBL button.

Exact step for pairing the remote

Press and hold down the setup button on the remote until the RED led blinks and turns ON.

Then press the device button, so that the RED tiny light blinks twice.

Then enter the code carefully using the keypad on the remote

Then the LED will turn off, and it indicates that the pairing has become successful.

Now test all the keys on the remote with the device.

If all are working properly, you can use the remote with your device as the original remote.

is there any way to program without code?

yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because it only gives you a success ratio of less than 50%.

I recommend you pair using the right code. It’s very easy though.


Hope you get your universal remote paired with your TV or DVD. This is the recommended method. The remote control can work like the original remote. If you are getting any issues, you can simply reset the remote and then re-program again. And this same remote can be simultaneously use with other devices too.