Camping Locations in Coorg-Main

Nature-Filled Camping Locations in Coorg

It’s a great weekend getaway location, located 270 km from Bangalore and 120 from Mysore. These are some places that adventure seekers can camp in Coorg’s bush.

1. Virajpet Mysore Street, Evergreen County is 31.3 km from Raja’s Seat

Evergreen County is one of these lodgings that makes bamboo wood and cane houses. It is also perfect for camping and introduces a concept where visitors can forget about artificial lighting and just bask in the natural beauty of Coorg. This resort offers nighttime hiking and bonfires.

Three room types in a resort

Price: Starting at 4,000 INR

2. Votecad Nature Camp in Srimangala

Distance from the city center: 52.2km

The beautiful campground in Coorg is surrounded with what you might call a natural paradise. It is possible to set up a camp in the middle Coorg shrubbery and plantations. Camp hosts are well-known for providing delicious meals and hosting bonfire nights. There is nothing to be unhappy about at this campground!

Prices starting at 2,200 INR

3. Napoklu Wood Shack,

Distance from the city centre: 13.7 km

Wood Shack is a rustic environment consisting of shacks or mud cottages. It promises rustic adventures and lots of memories. Wood Shack offers camping with the added benefit of being able to enjoy the delicious Coorg cuisine prepared by the camp hosts. Enjoy BBQ bites and steep slopes as you take in the beautiful surroundings of Wood Shack.

Prices starting at 900 INR

4. Kakkabbe’s Jungle Mount Adventure Camp

This is the best place to camp in Coorg, rather than stay at luxurious resorts. These include climbing, hiking, river crossing, snorkeling, canoeing and canoeing. It can be difficult to resist a camping trip at Jungle Mount, Coorg when the surrounding is so lush and green!

Distance starting at 1,888 INR

5. Maday Holidays in Made Village

Maday Holidays’ Coorg nature-based camping is ideal for reconnecting with the earth’s natural components and creating harmony with nature.

Distance starting at 1,000 INR

6. Galibeedu’s Jollyboys Coorg Campsite

Your hideaway camp is a bamboo wood dwelling built on top of a treehouse. You can enjoy the excitement of camping by enjoying jungle safaris and night safaris as well as hiking, tent camping and mountain hiking. The campsite’s delicious food is an added bonus!

Prices starting at 1,400 INR

7. Coleman Outdoor Experience Coorg

Coorg’s camping site offers spacious, comfortable tents that are well-equipped for a relaxing stay. The surrounding scenery is lush with trees and green carpets. This campsite is unique because of its cozy tents and thatched shelter. You can also enjoy coffee tours, jeep excursions and woodland hikes as well as crab-hunting excursions.

8. Suntikoppa’s Wild Tent

This Coorg camping site offers a modern camping experience in the beautiful natural surroundings. It has well-protected roofs and low-lying mattresses. There are also associated toilets in semi-circular tents.

9. Alpine Campgrounds (Close by FMKMC College).

Alpine Campsites provide a tranquil ambiance in the wilderness of trees and plants. The peaks of Coorg can be seen in the distance.

Prices starting at 1,000 INR

10. Kushalnagara’s Areca Campground

The campground in Coorg has a jungle-like atmosphere with camp sites positioned in the woods. It is hidden in a thicket. These places are similar to country cottages in that they have no furniture and have thatched roofs. 

You can also enjoy the adventure by using hammocks while you take in the beautiful forest scenery. The bonfire provides light at night. Because it’s exciting, it seems like an adventure that you would be willing to undertake.

11. Surlabi’s Hobbit House

This Coorg campsite offers separate accommodation for your four-legged friends. Picnics and retreats are possible in the natural setting of Coorg’s hills and rural surroundings. You will find comfortable accommodation, great camping vibes and delicious snacks.

12. Virajpet Campground, near the Cauvery River

This is the first-of-its kind drive camping experience in Coorg. It features cutting-edge amenities, a ton of scenic natural beauty and is located right next to the Cauvery. It is designed to look like western camping and has a large tank for tribal fishing. 

You only need to show up to enjoy an extraordinary camping experience. Everything is available to rent at a fair price, including camp gear and BBQ grills. Soon, it will be beaning up its campers and brewing the best coffees in Coorg!