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Makeover Your Modern Living Room With Handmade Rugs

Tired of the same old interiors? Maybe it is that time of the year when you finally jazz up your living room space. There are several accessories that you can use from wall art to accent tables, love seats to throws, and much more. One of the best elements that you can add to your list is handmade rugs.

These are great for decorating your modern space as they bring in warmth, and aesthetically unite all accessories along with rendering a luxurious appeal. These exclusive pieces are brought to life by craftsmen’s own hands as they attentively immerse into each detail. The wide-ranging designs add an artistic appeal and brighten up your living room.

Before You Kick Off With The Process

Your initial move should be evaluating the area you need the rug for. Once you know the size you will be looking for, you can decide on its design and appearance. Whether you are looking for small coffee table rugs or wall-to-wall, measuring the area space will help you pick the best option.

Pertaining to the aesthetic you can either select a solid colour which will make your space pop, or you can add a patterned design to add movement. There are all kinds of fibres available that offer various benefits.

Moreover, your carpet material will decide the durability. Therefore, if your living room area is a place of high traffic, select a hard-wearing rug. Utilize a much softer material with higher quality if your living room receives lesser footfall.

There are various other reasons such as the use of the rug and what will look desirable with your living room space. Being mindful of the arrangement of your furnishings, select one of the best living room handmade rugs.

Style And Fibre in Coordination With Other Elements

First thing first, coordination is primal. If a space lacks harmony and rhythm, it will look forced and unsettling to the eyes. Therefore, before you conclude, realise the colour of your wall, the furnishing you have, the shape of your room and its size.

Further, it is important to know what aesthetic you are going for. You can always make a mood board to make things easier for yourself. For a more relaxing space, introduce wool rugs with a neutral tone. This will help brighten up your living room and include texture.

In case you are searching for a more sombre aura, you can best decide on handmade rugs that offer a richer tone with more texture. This offers a heavier look and gives you a more closed space. For a patterned rug, make sure you have wider space for it to be visible. Use plain rugs with your furnishing to be placed over it.

You can find functional rugs which offer more durability and work efficiently for high traffic area. There are fibres such as synthetic, wool, plant-based, etc. For example, you can use wool rugs for insulating purposes and sisal rugs for strength. The pile style also will define your choice of rug.

For a more luxurious feel, search for a softer one that has high-quality. You can also look for a longer pile if your rug won’t receive much footfall. A pile that is thick and plush will provide comfort underfoot.

Placing Handmade Rugs To Enliven Your Spaces

Living room makeovers can be exciting when you play around with handmade rugs. A rug is an ideal element for making an impact and catching the eyes of your visitors. A rug can make or break the look of your space and is an important tool for designing. Appropriately placing your rugs can enhance your space and assist in defining an area.

Two Sofas:

When you have two sofa furnishings you can play around with symmetry. Ensuring that your rug is an appropriate size, place your rugs in between the two sofas. Leave an equal space between them.

Smaller Area:

If you have a smaller living room, leave a small space before placing the rug. This will help open your space and render an illusion of wider space. Doing so can also brighten up your living room. Buying a rug that won’t be visible is a waste. Therefore, instead of using a full coffee table add a couple of side tables.

Wider Area:

If you have a wider space, you can choose between a large and small/medium-sized rug. For the moderate size, place the front supports of your sofa atop of your rug. By purchasing a lager rug, you can place the whole sofa on top of it. Additionally, you can place the front legs of your chairs in such a way that they are in contact with the rug.

Modular Sofa:

If you are going for the modular-styled sofa, it is preferred to have a rug that is placed under the sofa. A customized rug will be ideal for matching the size of your sofa.


Hand crafted rugs can add a charm to your living room. They bring in warmth and have a luxurious feel. You can handpick all sorts of designs and colours in accordance with your living room size and other elements.