Optimized Processes, Enhanced Engagements, Improved Grant Management, and More with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Optimized Processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Optimized Processes, Enhanced Engagements, Improved Grant Management, and More with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Not-for-Profit Organizations.

An Overview

Not for Profit Organizations or NFPs strive to eliminate society’s negatives and improve human lives while working with limited resources. NFPs work with a cause and not for profits or expansion.

The growing digital transformation enables these not-for-profit organizations to perform efficiently by streamlining operations and being more productive.

Most NFPs worldwide believe that modern Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) solutions are not ideal for managing mission- driven projects, as there is no selling involved.

However, CRM capabilities hold incredible potential to add value to society- serving organizations, even from the non- profit perspective.

CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365 help NFPs manage mission- critical information more securely and confidently.

Moreover, CRM solutions ensure efficient monitoring of donor relationships, segmenting donors by issue or interest areas, tracking membership activities, and expediting the donation or grant process.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Non-Profit Organizations

The Solution

Dynamics 365 CRM assists NFPs in meeting the core objectives and focusing on delivering exceptional services while engaging more donors and volunteers critical for the desired outcome.

The application equips NFPs with the important tools required for administering grants, engaging with donors, coordinating resources across various geographies, assisting volunteers, and managing field personnel. Here is the how:

  • Fundraising: Dynamics 365 CRM ensures a completely digitalized experience to enhance relationship- based fundraising while tracking and monitoring the major stages throughout the process.
  • Donors and Volunteers: The CRM solution allows NPOs to generate and deliver a relationship- based digital user experience for already engaged as well as potential donors and volunteers.
  • Program Management: The non- profit CRM Cloud application improves program outcomes by closely monitoring and analyzing ongoing projects and events with ease.
  • Grants Administration: Dynamics 365 CRM manages grants and cooperative agreements while leveraging NPOs’ experiences and knowledge per the needs and timelines.

The Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution offers endless benefits with proven outcomes and effectively helps NFPs manage organizational structures and non- profit challenges.

Therefore, NFPs worldwide are switching to cloud- based Dynamics 365 CRM systems and reaping numerous benefits. Below are a few reasons that would help understand why non-profit organizations need to move to Dynamics 365 CRM.

Unified Operations

Dynamics 365 CRM for Non-Profit Organizations enables a 360- degree perspective that ensures a better understanding of the NFP’s service offerings across multiple locations and branches.

The application also allows NFPs to monitor the actions and activities of the stakeholders while ensuring consistent operations across the organization.

Grants Management

Cloud- enabled Dynamics 365 CRM helps NFPs keep a close track of numerous grant opportunities – from the initial application procedure to awarding of the grant. The application allows not for profit organizations to create and send reminders for prospects’ renewals and reapplication for grants.

The CRM also restricts access to only the relevant people inside the organization, avoiding any duplication and confusion in the application process.

Volunteer and Donor Management

Dynamics 365 CRM assists NFPs in consistently tracking every action of the volunteers and donors while ensuring respectful treatment for their contributions towards helping the community.

The application also ensures a long- term relationship with these active social contributors and aids in reducing training costs.

Email Communication

Dynamics 365 CRM assists NFPs in efficiently managing email marketing initiatives, communications, and campaigns. The CRM sends personalized invites to donors and volunteers about upcoming events while allowing users to create customized contact segments for specific campaigns.

The application, therefore, allows NFPs to reach out to former donors who might show interest in similar upcoming projects or keep informed existing campaign supporters/ volunteers about their contributions to the previous program.

Besides, the cloud CRM captures campaign analytics, including emails sent, opened, and clicked, which enables NFPs to compile reports for better analysis and understanding of the campaign pitch’s effectiveness.

Social Media Management

Social media outreach for an NFP is equally important as social media initiatives help NFPs reach out to a growing number of potential donors and volunteers.

Dynamics 365 CRM for Non-Profit Organizations is seamlessly compatible with social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The application allows charitable organizations to plan, schedule, execute, and analyze social media initiatives or posts.

Closing Notes

NFPs are unique and motivated by a community- serving, selfless objective rather than a profit margin. However, the growing global digitization wave is pushing NFPs of all sizes to achieve the very objective by following a similar alternative that allows profit-driven businesses to thrive while generating relevant engagements with people, customers, or clients ready to spend on the product offerings.

While most CRM solutions capably serve commercial endeavors, NFPs find it challenging for their qualitative needs. Although Dynamics 365 CRM does not expressly support the purpose of not-for-profit domain, it has established itself in the field by providing features and tools that help NFPs improve charity operations, increase efficiency, and lower expenses.

Dynamics 365 Cloud CRM executes, organizes, coordinates, and assists NFPs in effectively managing the critical front- end and back- end processes.