Property More Appealing For Potential Clients

8 Effective Ways to Make Your Property More Appealing For Potential Clients

Have you invested in a new commercial property and wondering how to make it more appealing for the clients? A far more important question would be to analyse whether your property is going to be on the market for several months or leased immediately. Well, a lot will depend on the attributes of the commercial property itself.

Is your commercial property for rent in Kelowna and Fraser Valley appealing enough to match the expectations of the clients? You need to determine the types of businesses that you want to rent out to.

If you do not want to end up like other commercial landlords struggling hard to rent their properties in Kelowna new developments, here is what you need to know:

Make your office sustainable

Modern business establishments need to focus on eco-friendly ambience, and it is often one of the deciding factors when picking a commercial space for an office lease.

Landlords need to address the environmental concerns of clients trying to lease office spaces and make genuine efforts to reduce the carbon impact. Eco-friendly office decorations need to begin with energy-efficient lighting and recycling systems.

Fit for purpose

Do you have a clearly defined and functional office? Remember that you cannot be everything to every business establishment. More and more office workers are becoming conscious about staying active in the workplace, so installing a gym with tools and machineries for working out will make your commercial space more rent-friendly.

Apart from this, a coffee bar in a designated area is just what is needed to keep your employees energised. Offering additional facilities may make your office more attractive for the potential tenants.

Is your office technologically compliant?

Offices today need to be technologically compliant be it a warehouse or office space. As far as technology is concerned, the requirements tend to vary across industries.

If you want to create an office space that is flexible as well as future-proof, you must incorporate wireless connectivity and other smart technologies that lend efficiency to the business. Working spaces need to function more seamlessly today, so you need to fulfill that to attract businesses.

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Make the reception area attractive

The reception area is one of the first spaces that clients are going to come to terms with, so you need to make the area attractive. Highlight the details of this area with appropriate lighting but make sure to combine white and strip lights in proportion to make the setup attractive. Choose the furniture for reception area carefully.

Remember that not all your guests will stay back for a couple of hours. So, don’t place those couches where your guests might sink for a power nap. Arrange the sofa or the chairs carefully in a layout that prevents the area from turning into a clutter.

Lastly, who can forget indoor plants? Calculate the amount of natural light in the area before choosing the indoor plants. Investing in new developments in Kelowna will help you create contemporary office spaces that are more attractive to the clients.

Create areas for relaxation and socialisation

Networking is one of the key aspects of today’s office spaces. That is why you need to make contemporary offices more vibrant. Why don’t you provide your clients with more spaces for relaxation and also areas where employees can socialise with each other?

If you are planning to rent about two to three offices in your commercial space, the employees should benefit from plenty of opportunities where they can interact with each other.

Parking space

A commercial space should not only look nice and attractive from inside but needs to attract potential clients from the outside. The parking space, for instance, needs to be among those areas that need to have adequate space and clearly-defined areas. Alongside, you need to have various other features added like a strong security system and parking lines.

Making rental contracts more flexible

There is no denying that office spaces need to be more attractive but one cannot forget that rental contracts need to be equally flexible too. Generally, tenants seeking commercial property for lease in Kelowna do not prefer the idea of being stuck with issues that they do not desire. For instance, the idea of being stuck in rental contracts running up to a couple of years is not a thing that tenants prefer.

If you want to streamline the contract, try to coordinate with Emil Anderson Properties. They have been in commercial property development for the last 30 years and are also in the leasing process.


Imagine an unclean office space with less than desired upkeep. Would anyone feel interested to hire such a property? That is why you must do up the office space adequately to add more value to your commercial space in Kelowna and Fraser Valley. Get the most out of the perks of designing an office space that sticks out from the rest.

You are trying to improve the looks of the office space to attract more potential tenants but do you know that communication with the clients and engagements at a higher-level matter?

You need to inform them about your sincerest efforts to keep the space green and clean and discuss about ways to make the office space more flexible to create a fantastic experience for the tenants.