IoMT: The Start of a New Era in the Healthcare Industry

As technology has penetrated deeply into people’s lives and people now use technology for everything, it is changing the healthcare sector, now referred to as IoMT.

IoMT defines the Internet of Medical Things, a combination of medical devices and software applications interconnected to perform various healthcare-related functions. According to the latest report, the market size of IoMT is expected to reach $72.02 billion in 2021 from just $22.5 billion in 2016.

Integrating it in the healthcare industry allows people to seek medical advice online and, at the same time, reduces the burden on the healthcare sector.

Let’s focus on the areas in Healthcare where IoMT can find applications:

In Clinics and Hospitals

As the number of doctors is less than the number of patients present, it can help the doctors figure out the disease and give treatment to the patients. IoMT is also helpful in monitoring medical machines like X-ray, CT scan, and MRI.

With wearable medical devices, the doctor can monitor the time from the patient’s ward to the operating theatre. At the same time, doctors and patients both can also save their time.


In Kovid-19, when people do not like to go to the hospital, it has proved to be a boon for the patients. People do not need to go to the hospital for their treatment to use telemedicine and take doctor’s advice.

The health care app is cost-effective for the patients as it saves both bed charges, nursing staff, and commuting time and cost.

In Body

These days, people are becoming conscious about their health and fitness. IoMT provides wearable medical devices like smart wristwatches, which help people to know their health status.

They can get all the information about their heart-related issues and other organs’ well-being by putting medical devices on the body. Apart from this, it keeps records of the user’s movements and keeps them safe in his data to share the data with the doctor when needed.

Advantages of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

In this Covid era, healthcare App Development is going to transform the lives of people. It will assist them in reducing healthcare costs, time and increase efficiency.

Apart from this, the norms of social distancing have also increased the flow of technologies which is very helpful in delivering the services properly. People can now take advantage of it and improve their health.

Real-Time Data Health Care

A doctor can easily access real-time data using IoMT, as many smart devices will help deliver real-time data of patients to the doctor. Intelligent devices are wearables such as smart wristwatches, smart rings, and smart belts that contain in-bed sensors.

Medical devices monitor patients and collect complete data on their illnesses. So the doctor can give direct advice to a patient and can also treat him simultaneously.

It is very beneficial for people with the same disease suffering for a long time as IoT provides many wearable devices that can transfer reports to doctors. And doctors can treat patients according to their own accord.

Tracking Staff, Patients, and Inventory

No intelligent device like a smart wristwatch, smart belt, or other device connects to a mobile without any mobile app. If we are talking about the medical industry, then healthcare app development is essential for intelligent devices. With its help, one can track the activities of any team member, monitor inventory management, and monitor patient activities.

Since coronavirus breakdown, it is necessary to take care of all medical staff and maintain social distance. Apart from this, it also helps monitor the entry and exit of people coming to the hospital premises for tests.

Remote Medical Assistance

Medical devices help patients track heart rate, glucose levels, and blood pressure levels to ensure proper treatment. The heart rate monitor tracks the pulse and transfers the data to the doctors accordingly.

Similar medical devices are performing the function of monitoring various organs, ensuring timely treatment. According to Statista, around 161 million IoMT devices were installed in 2020. It gives insight into its usefulness in the following years.

Improves Efficiency

By implementing IoMT, efficiency is improved in several ways. Medical devices are faster, more innovative, and accurate and use new technology to ensure patient health. They provide accurate data on time, thus helping doctors in prescribing appropriate medicines to the patient.

Patients find medical devices useful because they help them monitor their health activity over some time. Thus, they may understand the need for doctor’s appointments to care for the neonatal stage of the disease.

Lowers the Healthcare Cost

One of the vital benefits of integrating IoMT and Healthcare App Development is cost-efficiency. The patient does not need to go to the clinic for regular check-ups. Because technology will help his registration be done online with clinical gadgets and specialist associations.

The patient can book an online appointment with the doctor through telemedicine and seek doctor’s advice, thus reducing the medical expenses.