Read WhatsApp Messages

How to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Notice of Sender

Communication makes a community. And community makes the earth a better place. Humans are most elite species of the universe because they have ability to communicate. In this article, we will discuss about the tools of communication that have changed the shape of the world in a positive way. Billions of people witness their services.

Top of the chart is WhatsApp. You will know the main features of WhatsApp along with how to read WhatsApp messages without notice of sender. When it comes to managing day to day tasks and sometimes you can’t have sufficient time to reply. There this information can help you out.

What Is Social Media?

There is no hard and fast definition of social media. Social media is the set of tools for communication and sharing information on the basis of internet. Interaction and communication are the key goals of social media. Other than communication tools, blogs are also considered as social media tools. You can take the example of famous blogs such WordPress and blogger.

The famous social networks are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, we chat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and Instagram. The crowdfunding sites are also considered as social media.

These sites have a goal to provide the requirements for the fulfilment of projects. Rest of it, some collaboration tools like Wikipedia, google doc, drop box, and Microsoft one drive are some times considered as social media platforms. Although they are basically collaboration tools.

About WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is the most favorite and globally accepted social media platform. More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp on a daily basis. More than 180 countries are using WhatsApp for sharing documents and sharing. You can stay connected with your friends and families all over the world using WhatsApp. It is absolutely free. You only have to pay for your data charges.

The reason of the popularity of WhatsApp is its simplicity and security. There are no ads, no games, and no gimmicks in WhatsApp. Honestly speaking, this is a reliable tool for messaging and calling. The rumors about the tracing of WhatsApp data are wrong. None of your personal messages or calls are exposed to anyone. All the conversations and sharing are end to end encrypted. Rest of all, the name of the WhatsApp is derived from the phrase what’s up.

History of WhatsApp:

WhatsApp was founded in February 2009 by two ex-employees of company yahoo. Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Koum named it from the phrases what up.

The basic idea was to show the statuses of the people next to their individual names. WhatsApp 2.0 was the rising point of WhatsApp. Just after the launching of WhatsApp 2.0 its users increase to 250 thousand. Status of the people was new feature in any app.

You can even read WhatsApp messages without notice of sender. Until December 2013 its users raised up to 400 million. When the revenue of WhatsApp raised up to 1.5billion dollars, it amazed many companies. After one year Facebook announced to acquire WhatsApp in 19 billion US dollars.

You Can Make Your Message Disappear On WhatsApp:

According to a coursework writing firm, with the passage of time, as WhatsApp is giving more convenience, it’s rolling out the new features. Now it is giving a feature of disappearing your messages. In this features, messages from a chat will automatically be disappeared after seven days. You can turn this on by tapping on the name of the contact that is available at the top of screen. By selecting ‘Disappearing Messages’, it will start working from now to onwards. The important thing is, while messages get disappeared, any image attached with it will still be saved I the phone.

You Can Mute The Conversation:

Muting a conversation during a movie or a family get to gather saves you from getting disturbed by a chatty group of friends. The pop up notifications continually interrupt your time with family, a meeting or a movie. Android users can use the option of long press. They can tap on the icon of crossed out speaker that is available on top.

For those who use an iPhone, across a conversation, they can easily swipe to the left. After that, they need to tap the button with three dots. It is followed by ‘Mute” and here you go.

Custom Notifications:

Sometimes we can’t read all messages from every chat. But it becomes necessary to read a certain message that may be an important one at that time. For this, you can get custom notification on. In this way, you will not have the same alert sound for all the messages. Instead, you can set the option of custom alert for different individual contacts.

By doing this, it becomes easy to get the idea who is messaging you, even if you are not looking at your phone. Android users can tap on ‘Menu’ and then select ‘View Contact’. After that, press ‘Custom Notifications’ and give a tick there. For iPhone users, while they are viewing the chat threads, they can easily tap on the name of the contact and select ‘Custom Tone’.

Disable Read Receipts:

You can opt for the option of disabling read recipients. It is one of the most straightforward ways to read WhatsApp messages without notice of the sender. But keep this thing in mind that when you select this option, you will not be able to know if someone has read your messages. To make it happen, go to WhatsApp Settings. Select Accounts and top on the options available there. Tap on Privacy option and there you can untick the receipts.

WhatsApp Pop-ups:

Once this feature was under usage of every WhatsApp user, it stills exists where you can enable WhatsApp Pop ups. For this, go to the settings and select Notifications. Tap on the option of Pop up Notification and choose your required option there.


Sometimes you are busy and can’t reply to all chats. But it’s still important to read the message. You can do this without sender’s knowledge and read WhatsApp messages without notice of sender easily.