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How to Choose Your Washbasin or Bathroom Sink?

Are you in the process of renovating your home or just want to change your old washbasin cabinet due to its advanced wear? But which model to choose? Today, the washbasin, and more particularly the washbasin, dethrones the traditional washbasins. It brings exceptional dynamism and real cachet to your bathrooms thanks to its variety of finishes and features as well as its modernity.

This also allows it to match any type of interior. So which model of basin to choose? Ceramic, resin, natural stone, porcelain, oval or rectangular, we reveal all the secrets of the basin to guide your choice.

A basin, it does not install like that!

In order to best guide you in your choice, it is important to take into account certain essential criteria. This will allow you not to regret the choice of your vanity unit.

Indeed, it is a daily essential for brushing your teeth, washing your hands or taking care of your skin. We invite you to locate the arrival and the evacuation of water, but also to take note of the dimensions that you wish to reserve for this space. Then, go through a phase of reflection to obtain the style of your water feature and the budget you wish to allocate to it.

Depending on the space available in the bathroom, the location and your lifestyle, you can determine the type of installation, the material, the shape and the dimensions of your vanity top and your taps.

For example, a double bathroom sink is more recommended for a couple with or without children, but less for a single person who will not necessarily need it and who will go for a single bathroom sink. For a family, countertop washbasins will be more suitable for keeping storage space in a vanity unit.

What is the difference between a bathroom sink and a basin?

Many people confuse the terms sink and basin. However, they are not assigned to the same product. First of all, the washbasin represents the positive evolution of the washbasin since it brings more freedom by adapting to any bathroom furniture. It also makes it possible to modernize bathrooms in the snap of a finger.

In addition, the basin is independent of the mixer tap which can be positioned anywhere unlike the sink which is the receiver of the taps. The latter is sold in a single fragment.

It is back in trend with its retro versionin interiors with 1930s decor. There is also a washbasin, offering a smaller version of the washbasin since it is suitable for small spaces such as a small bathroom or toilet.

The choice of dimensions and shape

For the choice of a beautiful basin that will be perfect for small bathrooms as well as large ones, the shape and size of the latter are to be taken into consideration. To begin with, the question is: single basin or double basin? A large space is required for the installation of a double basin. If so, we recommend it for a couple or a family. If you are alone, a simple basin will be more than enough for your needs.

In terms of dimensions, they also depend on the space you have and your daily needs. Three sizes are to be taken into account: the width, the depth and the height (as well as the height with the column if it is a washbasin). Note that the width of a countertop is generally between 60 and 120 centimeters.

Let’s get to the shapes! The most popular is the round shape. It is also possible to opt for an atypical basin made to measure. If you are looking for a contemporary, industrial or Scandinavian atmosphere, the rectangular or square basin will be perfect. For those who wish to translate a Zen and natural atmosphere, the round or oval basin will suit this style.

What type of installation is best for my room?

Choosing the layout of your bathroom sink can be difficult when you can see all the possibilities offered. The basin under all these angles is privileged compared to the washbasin by allowing a significant saving of space.

The washbasin, whether built-in or just free-standing, necessarily offers storage space, it also brings an undeniable touch of modernity and considerable ergonomics. Now, if the choice had to be made between the two basins, we recommend without hesitation the countertop basin for its ease of installation.

The washbasin

The countertop washbasin can be installed on any piece of furniture, whether salvaged from a flea market or new. Check examples here at Homary!

However, this installation still requires a hole in the cabinet to connect your basin to the waste water outlet. This washbasin has mainly advantages : ease of installation, a choice of wide washbasin tops and installation in all types of bathroom regardless of the chosen washbasin.

The built-in washbasin

Appeared after the countertop washbasin, the built-in washbasins are aimed at people who prefer a classic design. The tank having larger edges, it limits splashing for a low scale deposit and ease of maintenance. If you are a family, this built-in pool will prove advantageous by providing better accessibility for your children.

Also, a wide choice of models and styles will be presented to you, all you have to do is choose according to your tastes and the style of decoration of your bathroom. This will also allow you to select the mixer taps of your choice, independent of the basin.

The washbasin

The vanity top is, by definition, a set comprising a worktop and a basin molded together to form a single piece. It is one of the classiest items of all. Both stylish and pure in appearance, it is easy to maintain and comes in a single or double basin depending on your tastes and needs.

The sink

On the market, there are several types of bathroom sinks, let’s start with the best known: the pedestal sink. This classic model is vintage and worked with lines that are often cubic.

Fixed to the wall, it will be completed by a foot whose purpose is purely aesthetic, it will serve to hide the siphon for a better finish. Another possibility comes to you: the pedestal sink or the totem basin type sink. Its foot of the same width as the washbasin therefore offers a more modern and designer alternative.

An avalanche of interesting materials


The ceramic washbasin is indefinitely an excellent choice for a bathroom since it adapts easily to every possible atmosphere. It is the ideal material for a water feature as it is anti-limestone, anti-scratch and shock resistant. Easy to maintain, it will be robust.

Synthetic resin

Synthetic resin offers a fairly developed sample of colors and shapes at a reasonable price for certain models. Its simplified maintenance and its softness to the touch make it a very popular material.


This material is not the most expected in a bathroom, but it does exist. Concrete is the key element of industrial and contemporary style, so it will be perfect if your room is in one of these two styles. It will be necessary to be vigilant with its weight, it shows a very imposing build making all its charm, but also a danger if you do not wear it in the right way. Its maintenance must be carried out regularly with white vinegar to avoid limescale deposits.

Natural stone

The natural stone basin returns the image of an inevitable charm, but it is important to maintain it with natural products such as black soap or Marseille soap at the risk of damaging it. Also beware of its heavy weight, stone basins are resistant, but transporting them can be complicated if you are alone. For an elegant water feature, choose marble or travertine over granite, sandstone or pebble for a relaxing atmosphere.


The glass basin is a real piece of decoration. Thanks to its transparency, it allows you to play with the light and reflect it throughout the room. It translates the delicacy and the art of inspiration. We do not recommend it for couples with children since the glass gets dirty quite quickly and shows stains after several uses. Finally, do not use aggressive products to clean it, otherwise it could be damaged and break.


Porcelain is a much softer and finer material than any other. In reality, it is a product diverted from ceramics, so it has all the qualities: anti-scratch, anti-dirt and anti-limestone.

Stainless steel

Previously, stainless steel was mainly used to equip kitchens, but the wheel has turned and it now occupies bathrooms too. Rather for a built-in washbasin, the material is light and very hygienic, so it will be perfectly suited for use in this room. Even if the stainless steel is resistant, it is important to pay attention to it and to use gentle products for its maintenance so as not to scratch it.


The solid wood washbasin is as resistant and charming as the natural stone washbasin. It offers a rustic vision of the adapted water feature with very large rectangular or square shapes. Try teak wood for example!


This material is very easy to work with during design, thus making it possible to obtain varied and original shapes. Its price remaining affordable, it seduces the public also thanks to its lightness and its simplicity of maintenance.

What color sink?

The choice of basin color is subjective. Traditionally, the basin is most often sold in white color. Indeed, it marks a feeling of sobriety and adapts to all interiors. It also allows the reflection of all the brightness offered by your room. However, if you want to spruce up your bathroom, other colors exist while remaining simple.

For example, the black basins translate a graphic and contemporary aspect and the gray basins a zen and relaxing side. This choice remains partial, it only depends on your tastes and the atmosphere you want to transcribe.


The preference of the suitable washbasin must generally tend closer to a version which, greater than others, will combine properly with the fashion of the toilet furniture, thinking about the fashion of toilet fixtures, bathe and accessories, with out neglecting the sensible and practical component, that is vital. Even the toilet have to have its very own stylistic balance, manufactured from architectural layout and private choices.

The washbasin also can be distinctive from the layout of different toilet fixtures, specifically while the use and desires of humans are privileged. The toilet basin is part that is capable of supply the surroundings a robust personal, emotional and formative connotation. Choosing a sink for the toilet manner considering aesthetics, practicality, functionality, layout, size, form and type: a combination from which the suitable preference springs.

Before creating a buy it’s miles vital to study any constraints gift withinside the room, above all, because of the location of the hydraulic system, which can be an vital factor for an evaluation that have to be achieved in depth, possibly soliciting for the recommendation of a plumber. Ceramics is the maximum vast cloth withinside the manufacturing of toilet washbasins, as it combines resistance with fashion and durability.