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How to Choose the Right Software for Your SEO Requirements

Search engine optimization has become the most important element of high ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Dogpile etc. There are several websites on the internet which boast about the techniques & tips and guarantees of the top placement within a few days. How do you believe and invest your hard-earned money in a company that does not have a search engine optimization background trust their claims?

Another question arises that how would you play a bet with your website. And, the answer to this question will be not big. 

No one wants to throw away their money. So what’s the way out? What about doing your own search engine optimization? This is a very long and boring process if you do it manually. So how do you do it?

Is there software available to do SEO?

Yes! There are several SEO software available on the market. But, how do you know which SEO software is reliable and meets your search engine optimization needs and most importantly, will they meet their claims?

The answer is whether you do enough research?

SEO Software is the answer to implementing the main SEO technique. Are they? 

We can divide SEO into two major parts-

  1. On page optimization
  2. Off page optimization

On page optimization

  • Title Tag

  • Meta Tag Like Meta Keywords (lose its interests now due to keyword abuse) & meta descriptions.

  • Alt-image tags

  • H1, Tag H2

  • High keyword density

  • Quality content

  • Ease of Navigation

  • Internal links and more …

  • Off page optimization

  • Optimization of the page involves:

  • Build a link to increase the popularity of the link

  • Reciprocal link – two-way link

  • Non-reciprocal link – Tied link

  • Use of keyword rich anchor text in connecting text

  • Increase the ranking of the Google page

  • PPC advertising

  • Submission of directories.

This is a well-known fact that the optimization of the page has more value than page optimization. That does not mean that on page optimization does not have value and does not require optimization. On page optimization it has its value and should not be ignored.

There are several SEO software available to implement page optimization outside the page by increasing the popularity of the link by building a reciprocal and non-resipal link. There are websites that offer monthly membership accounts to use their link popularity software and several other websites have their software available for one cost. For beginners, it’s always better to go with one software at a time to keep the cost low. You are here to do business so you need to think and plan every change you spend on business success.

So, what is expected from SEO software sales websites?

Not a one-time seller without upgrading in the future

Website with good technical support

Website with a proven track record

Website with forums with quality user feedback

The most important thing for SEO software is that this website must have good product reviews.

We see many SEO software companies carry out their own product reviews and look more like self-propaganda than honest product reviews. We need a website that tests and verifies claims made by SEO software companies and publishes honest feedback. This will help beginner’s website owners to make educated decisions after reading unbiased analysis published on third party websites.

There are very few websites that do this and have to be encouraged to test and verify this SEO software and help website owners to learn and implement the technique of off page optimization. It will save time and online entrepreneur money to increase their link popularity and increase their search engine rankings. Higher search engine rankings carry more traffic to the website and therefore more sales. It is a well-known fact that we can direct visitors to the website but turn it into a fully relying buyer on how effective the content and ease of website navigation.

We must develop effective content in the form of articles related to those linking to your website. Writing effective articles is a skill that needs to be developed by reading other articles and other e-books that focus on writing the best articles. Now we must know a list of quality article directories to be submitted into the right category. This will be a boring and time consuming process and this requires SEO software which is the only purpose is to submit articles to various article directories.

Sending to SEO friendly directories is a boring process but compensation is commensurate with the efforts involved. List of friendly SEO directories and article directories are available at SEO Software-Resources

Another way to get traffic to the website is through PPC I.e pay per click. There are several PPC programs available like Google Adwords, Overture PPC, find what it is etc. Now the question is to choose the right keyword relevant to the content of your website. You might choose the right keywords that are very competitive and may have to pay a high bid price to get a higher placement in the sponsored link. We need an SEO tool to optimize AdWords campaigns to choose the right KOMBO keyword to choose for PPC. It will save money and time and help defeat the competition.

There are several other effective methods to optimize the page off and there are several SEO software available on the market. So, in the Conclusions Read product reviews, and see important features of the sales website as mentioned above for final decisions such as SEO software where you have to get.