Termites can Destroy Home

How Termites can Destroy the Structure of Your Home

Termites are actually beneficial in nature and play a crucial role in our ecology. They are natural recyclers that decompose wood into nutrient-rich soil that aids plant growth. When termites invade your house, they become vexing pests, prompting you to seek termite management.

You may be surprised to learn that pest control generates billions of dollars in annual income. Termites can cost up to $5 billion in damages in a single year in the United States.

Despite the fact that the United States is a much larger country with significantly more structures, people are still paying a lot of money to get rid of termites in their own homes. Consider how much harm termites create: they cause more damage than fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods combined! It might also cost you in replacing masonite siding.

But what exactly do termites do? What are they doing to your houses to cause such havoc?

We’ll provide you with the answers to these questions so you can see how dangerous and destructive these creatures can be.

They cause Damage on the structure.

Termites love to eat their way into the foundation of your home. Your support beams, posts, floor and ceiling joists, and wall studs are all gnawed through. They target these structures because they are often constructed of wood. Termites, on the other hand, are known to feed on wood.

Your home becomes an unsafe place for you and your family once they’ve had their fill of these wooden buildings, and it may be deemed unlivable until the damage is repaired by replacing masonite siding if it is damaged.

They don’t only eat wood.

If you believe your home is termite-proof since it is made almost entirely of wood, you are mistaken. True, termites enjoy eating wood, but that isn’t all they eat. Termites will just find something else to eat if your home’s structural supports aren’t constructed of wood.

Other items they prefer to eat include metal sidings, plaster, and insulation. If things aren’t accessible, they’ll happily consume other materials such as paper, carpets, rugs, and textiles. This implies that you’ll be replacing masonite siding a lot more than just wood.

They cause problems with your home’s aesthetics.

Termites are capable of more than just structural harm; they can also ruin your home’s appearance.

Symptoms are common when termites infest your home. Bubbled wallpaper, swelling floors, holes or craters in dry wood, buckling wood, visible mazes in walls, and more are some of the symptoms.

Termite damage can also appear to be similar to water damage in some circumstances and it will also result in replacing masonite siding. Furthermore, when they spread their faecal pellets or droppings, they leave a nasty odour in your home.

Worst of all, the only way to remove the odour and ugly stains is to fully replace everything. It might result in replacing masonite siding.

They Depreciate the Value of Your Home

The resale value of your home would naturally decrease if termites cause substantial structural and aesthetic damage. Accepting and settling for lesser bids if you sell a damaged home “as is.”

Even if all of the damage is fixed, there is no guarantee that the property value will return to normal. In fact, some purchasers may exploit the history of termite infestation in your home as a negotiating tool to get a cheaper price.

They Destroy in a Quiet Manner

The most terrifying aspect about termites is not how quickly they destroy your property — it takes years for them to inflict significant damage – but the fact that they can infiltrate your home without your knowing. It’s enough to send shivers down one’s spine to think that a colony or two of 50 to 60 thousand termites could be crawling about in your home at any time.

They are known as the “silent destroyers” because they might go unnoticed for years because signs don’t appear for months or years.

Termite damage is significantly more expensive to fix than it is to prevent, so call termite control as soon as you notice any signs of termite infestation in your property. If you don’t, your home’s structural and aesthetically will be harmed, and its overall property worth will plummet.

Termites are damaging and annoying, but there are a number of practical ways to get rid of them. Simply consult your pest control professional, and your home will be termite-free in a matter of days! Another way is by replacing masonite siding.