How Augmented Reality Is Boosting The Scope Of Mobile App Development?

AR or Augmented Reality is one of the most powerful engagement technologies that can do wonders if used properly. Recently there has been a sudden rise in demand for AR, and businesses want to hire the best AR app development companies to provide excellent services to their customers. Augmented Reality is similar to VR but better. It combines the real and virtual worlds and then showcases the best results from the combination. One of the finest examples of AR is Pokemon Go! which made more than 900 billion within a few days. The game used AR to show the various Pokemons in real life that players had to catch. But, how can AR help in mobile app development? Read on to find out.

Role Of AR In Mobile App Development

Businesses are planning to move towards Augmented Reality to engage properly with their customers and provide good services. With the rise in AR, it is surely going to be used in the upcoming apps. Moreover, you would see the presence of AR in Android phones first instead of iOS, as Android has captured the majority of the market. 

Recently IKEA, one of the most famous furniture companies, introduced a new feature in its mobile app where you can view how furniture would look in your room. If you like a chair but are not sure whether it would look good or not, the AR system of the app would show you a real-time presentation so that you can make a wise decision.

It is known that customers like to view and test everything before they make a purchase. Even though online shopping is quite famous, people still hesitate to buy and think for a long time. Here, if the mobile app development companies use AR and show real-time presentations as IKEA did, then it would become easier for the customers to make a decision.

Impact Of AR In Mobile App Development

There are various ways in which AR is impacting all kinds of industries. How? Here are some of the most common ways in which AR is used for developing a mobile application.

Location-Based AR-app

Various location-based apps, such as Maps, dating apps, cab apps, and more, use Augmented Reality to collect the geolocation of your phone. After knowing the area, it provides you with the best ways to communicate with the outside world without any difficulty. Besides, location-based apps even provide you with important information such as weather conditions, nearby stores, the best restaurants, and more. It gives you a tour of the entire neighborhood without you having to step out of your car.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a trend that is never going to end. It has helped people shop for all items without moving out of their house. However, there have been cases where people have got defective products or were scammed due to fake sellers. Here, if the online shopping apps introduce AR, it could help restore faith in the customers. How? AR would help in showing unboxing videos and photos of the product that would give a better visual representation and help in making a wise decision. 

In-Store Experience

With COVID increasing, people have stopped trying out products in malls and stores. Then, how will such stores survive? With the help of AR. Augmented Reality can help the customers in getting a virtual try-out and see whether the sunglasses or dress suits them or not. By doing so, they are avoiding the trial room and getting the product without any difficulty. There are various sunglasses apps that help the customers to get a virtual try-out at the comfort of their home. Here, you only have to record your face movement and then select the glasses that you want to try on. The app would show you the results, and then you can select the best one.

Recognizing Things

AR helps in recognizing the brand, product type, and other factors of an item that you are unable to recognize. Google has used this feature in its Google lens where you can simply switch on the camera and take a picture of the item, and Google will show you all its details and the best deal that you can get. It helps in knowing about various brands and knowing the type of products that have better quality.

Augmented Reality is a technology that is going to remain here for the upcoming years. AR has helped various companies in getting better customer engagement by providing them a nice visual representation. A good AR app development company with qualified developers can help tons of businesses and companies in knowing the various benefits of this magic wand and even help them in using it for their products. Though it might take some time for AR to set a permanent foot in the market as AI and VR are still there, once it does, people would start loving this technology and might also start using it in their day-to-day life.