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The Difference Between HGV Class1 vs HGV Class2 Training

Everyone has heard of HGV drivers in the UK but are you aware of the difference between HGV Class 1 and HGV Class2?

The difference is very basic

An HGV class 1 licence permits you to drive the vehicles of category C+E which is mostly an artic or an articulated lorry.

An HGV Class 2 licence permits you to drive vehicles of category C. These vehicles are mostly referred to as rigid vehicles.

Many training companies might train you and ask you to take the class 1 (C+E) test at first, but many drivers get their HGV Class 2 licence first and then continue with their class 1 tests. It might sound a little confusing to you, so let’s explain in bits with some approximate costs.

HGV licence cost 

  • To get your HGV licence, firstly, you need to have your provisional licence, and you should be 18 years old. You should already have your car driving licence also, known as a class B licence.
  • The next step is to get your provisional HGV licence; you need to get a D2 form from the DVLA, and your D4 form
  • The D2 form is free of cost, and the D4 form is the medical form. Being a lorry driver, you need to qualify for your medical test to become an HGV driver and get a commercial driving licence. Also, you will have got your medical done after every five years of your job.
  • You can get your medical arranged by your GP, and it will cost you around £120
  •  Also, if you want to get it done at a cheaper price, many private companies might do it for £50.
  • Once you submit your D2 and D4 forms, you will get your provisional HGV licence in about three weeks.

How to get your HGV driving licence 

You will have to go through 4 parts to get your licence

Part 1 is split into two further parts

  • Part 1 A is your theory test. You will have to answer hundred multiple choice questions, and the score needed to qualify is above 85. The cost of this test is £26.
  • Part 1B is your hazard perception. Again you will have a hundred questions, but it will be video-based, where you will have to spot hazards. The passing marks for the same are 67 and above out of 100, and you will need to qualify for this test to go onto the next part of getting the HGV driving licence. The cost of this test is £11.

 Part 2 includes your CPC case studies. The cost of this part is £23.

Part 3 includes your actual driving test for your commercial driving licence, and it will cost around £115. Once cleared, you can move on to your part 4th.

Part 4 includes the practical demonstration which includes walking around, checking the vehicle thoroughly and knowing how to run and operate it. It might cost you around £55.

You can now drive a rigid vehicle because you have your HGV Class 2 (C class) licence, but you must first get your tacho card to drive professionally. The DVLA may send you this for a fee of £32 within two weeks.

Your CPC card will now be delivered to you. You are now authorized to operate a class 2 vehicle for hire.

You must pass one additional exam to become a Class 1 (C+E) driver; the practical test costs £115.

Now we hope that the difference between HGV Class 1 and HGV Class2 is clear and that you also know how to become an HGV licence driver.