Healthcare App Development Trends In 2021

Technology is the new trend of today’s global business. Innovations with growing technologies are giving a lot of mind-blowing experiences to organizations by developing user-friendly business solutions as per the requirement of organizations and increasing customer engagement. Innovating technologies are not only serving business houses but also the global consumers to fulfill their requirements. 

Due to technological advancement, the healthcare industry is also growing like never before. With changing times and increasing awareness people across the globe are becoming more concerned about their physical and mental health. In the mid-crisis of COVID, people are becoming more aware of health conditions and looking for verified resources for information and consultants. In this pandemic situation technological advancement has helped people to access medical services from remote areas. The advancement in technology in the health sector is creating a better world. 

As per the research, the worth of the digital healthcare sector will be approximately 509 billion USD by 2025. As per the report of statica, the healthcare app revenue in the global market will grow from 2.4 billion USD in 2017 to 11 billion USD by the end of 2025.   So, if you are a healthcare service provider and looking forward to healthcare app development for your industry, I have listed top Healthcare app development trends and innovations.

Top Eight Healthcare App Development Trend in 2021.

If you are planning to stand out in the market and capitalize on your healthcare app, here are the top trends to keep in mind.

1.Telemedicine Apps: 

Telemedicine apps help doctors and physicians to see patients virtually without the need for their physical presence in the hospitals or clinics and help patients and doctors to exchange needed information and medical conditions through an app. Telemedicine apps are one of the fastest-growing applications with a project growth rate of 120% in the healthcare industry.

2.Cloud-Based solution in the healthcare industry: 

Integrating Electronic Medical Records(EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) along with cloud-based solutions helps clinics to store patients’ medical history and easy access to patients’ current and past health conditions, bills, and other necessary information. The market cap for healthcare cloud computing is likely to grow from 28.1 billion USD to 64.7 billion USD at a CAGR of 18.1% by 2025 reported by the global forecast.

3.Artificial Intelligence integrated with healthcare apps: 

AI is contributing to the most revolutionary changes in the healthcare digital industry. It is enabling the feature of self-examination of health conditions, medical reports, routine, etc. AI also improve machines to do multitasking, reducing chances of error and increasing the efficiency of healthcare sectors. As per the statistics AI shall bring a vigorous profit by 50-55% by 2035 in the healthcare industries.

4.Big Data and Analytics: 

Big Data Analytics helps doctors as well as patients to collect important information and to handle and access a big amount of data and case history. It also provides suggestions and recommendations as per the data analysis and data insights and predicts and diagnoses a patient’s condition.

5.Blockchain and Healthcare Development: 

Blockchain technology provides an automated environment for authorized service providers to access and transfer medical data. Blockchain reduces the chances of error and cases of data breaching while sharing or storing the data. It is a big innovative and secure solution for the healthcare industry.

6.Contact Tracing: 

The contact tracing technology allows silent tracking of individuals. To fight the COVID Situation app like Arogya-setu to help to trace and quarantine the infected individuals in India, the Singapore government is also tracing infected people via-Trace together and Private kit apps which has contract tracking technologies

7.The Internet of Medical Things(IoMT) Technology: 

The Internet of Medical thing is arising from IoT development with telehealth and telemedicine facilities. IoMT allows devices to check body temperature, heart rate, pulse, glucose level, blood pressure etc.  As per statica the total worth of IoT will rise more than One Trillion USD Dollar by the end of 2023 and as per another report it can rise approximately 6.2 trillion USD by the end of 2025.

8.Virtual Reality(VR):

Virtual Reality and Augmented reality give an interactive experience of a real-life object and give a realistic feeling of a virtual object. These technologies are blurring the line between the virtual world and reality. AR and VR technologies are bringing a lot of innovation in other industries and also moulding and innovating the healthcare sector. This technology would be helpful for labor pain using virtual reality headsets as well as it would be helpful for other pain management of patients.

Concluding Lines

The digital world is transforming the healthcare sector into better conditions and bringing a lot of helpful innovations for patients. The trend of technology changes and The above trends are likely to be the top trends of the healthcare sector in 2021. If you are developing a healthcare app you can hire a healthcare app development company to get a customized app with all required features. Do not delay the idea before it becomes too late to keep up with the changing trends and patient expectations.