Common iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Tech-savvy people are crazy about using an iPhone. The iPhone is one of the smartest & latest technology-driven phones. But sometimes, users may need help with their iPhones. The most common problems are when they try to update to a new iOS, transfer data from their old phone to their iPhone, or launch a new app.

A sophisticated machine like the iPhone can cause troubleshooting, so before you contact Apple Support, you can visit an expert like Buzzmeeh. Our trained technician will help you with any issue.

We conduct iPhone repair services in many cities like Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai & many others cities. We assure you to restore your devices in the same working condition.

There can be so many reasons for your problems, from hardware to software with your iOS, but all can be fixed. iPhones are accurately manufactured & tested extensively; despite that, sometimes you may encounter some problems.

Here is a list of the most common iPhone problems and how to fix them.

White Screen of Death: 

One of the most common problems with the iPhone comes with failure to upgrade or jailbreak. Hardware problems are another serious issue that can lead to death’s white screen. If you encounter a situation where your iPhone shows a white screen and you do not have an iCloud backup, don’t worry. You can recover your data through a third-party application to recover photos or videos.

There is a plethora of iPhone data recovery software in the market. Still, it is recommended to use the trusted & secure data recovery tool developed for an iOS device. Then with a hard reset, you can restart your iPhone.

However, if a factory reset can not solve your problem, you must boot your iPhone in a device firmware upgrade or (DFU)mode.

You should remember that if you are booting in DFU mode, all your settings and data will be cleared on your device.

Faulty Batteries:

iPhones have the most powerful batteries. The iPhones use lithium batteries. But they can wear down with use. Over time, it is more likely that the battery will drain rapidly, say from 80% to 20% down in a short period. With certain iOS updates, the battery life reduces faster. The Apple company has stated that old iPhones’ batteries will slow down.

However, there is good news, too; Apple has software that can address the battery issues. The company has integrated battery-capacity monitoring, and the battery issues can be fixed with an upgrade.

You can resolve the battery fix by upgrading the iOS. If this doesn’t work, then you should replace the battery. With iPhone Repair specialists like Buzzmeeh, we can replace in minutes.

Water Damage: 

You accidentally spilled a cup of coffee on your iPhone or dropped it in the swimming pool, which can result in data loss. Don’t panic; recover the lost photos, videos, or contact list from iCloud or iTunes backup. First, try to remove the excess water from your device by gently rubbing it dry on a towel. Shake it well to clear out any water left in the sockets and the ports.

You must not plug it into the charger or turn it on. You can remove the SIM card to avoid further damage to key components. Rub the SIM card on a clean cotton cloth. You can use silica gel sachets to dry your wet iPhone. Leave your device for at least 48 hours.

If you cannot restore from backup, you can contact Buzzmeeh, who provides reliable & convenient iPhone Repair services at our doorstep. At Buzzmeeh, we know the value of your time and give our best services within the shortest time.

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Touch Disease:

Touch Disease is another unique screen problem users face with their iPhone devices. This happens when the controller of the touch chip fails to connect with the logic board. You will notice a flickering bar on the top of the screen. Soon, the chip detaches further, leading to the unresponsive touch screen. You can fix the Touch Disease with a restart.

There is another way to handle the problem; you can delete the resource-intensive apps from your device and restore the factory settings. Users can also remove the SIM card. However, if you need help with the solutions, you can visit the Buzzmeeh website and book an iPhone repair service with their professionals.

Buzzmeeh is available in all leading cities.

Proximity Sensor Not Working: 

If the display screen is lit during a call, it means that the proximity sensor of your iPhone is not working properly, generally a problem with the touch screen. A faulty proximity center can be a manufacturing defect or a software issue. You can solve this troubleshooting by restarting your iPhone or rebooting. A factory reset can fix the problem. If this doesn’t work, then you can take a backup at iCloud & iTunes and restore your prized iPhone with iTunes in DFU mode to fix the proximity sensor issue.

Cracked Glass: 

Your iPhone may come with or without a screen protector and a case. But accidents can happen, which might lead to a cracked glass screen. Cracked glass can be repaired only by replacing the entire screen.

Buzzmeeh is available online, and they can replace a cracked iPhone screen. Buzzmeeh is a reputable service provider that specializes in Apple product repair. They have more experience & knowledge when it comes to fixing iPhones. iPhone screens are sophisticated, and they should be handled with precision. Buzzmeeh has a team of highly trained repair technicians who offer low-cost repair services without compromising on repair quality.

Speaker Not Functioning:

If you can not hear sound from your device or hear a distorted sound, you can restart your iPhone to fix the issue. Restarting your iPhone can resolve many issues. But the problem could lie in the hardware if resstaring does not work. You have to send your iPhone to the service center to be replaced or repaired,without delay.

To Conclude:

iPhones are a valuable investment; we know the pocket pinch with every purchase. And when it comes to repairs, finding an option balanced with quality services is important.

Buzzmeeh is a trustworthy service provider who will conduct the repairs at a fair price. Most people do not have time to visit the center, but do not worry; Buzzmeeh covers everything for you. The online repair service providers offer the customers pick-up & delivery service. Visit our website or book a repair service by calling us.