Sri Lanka Family Holidays

Go For A Sri Lanka Family Holidays For An Amazing Time

Sri Lanka has a whole lot to offer travelers. The island is not just scenic, but it has very family-friendly things to indulge in. Sri Lanka family holidays have a plethora of things in store that will let you enjoy some great and memorable time together as a family. Know more about family-friendly things to do in this post.

Great Hotels for Sri Lanka Family Holidays

Perhaps the most important thing that people look for when they are vacationing with family is the quality of the hotels. The good news is that in Sri Lanka, accommodation is going to be the last of your worries. It has great hotels and resorts on offer, including many 5-star properties with all amenities you need for a wonderful stay.

Depending on your budget, you can choose a budget-friendly hotel as well or go for a resort-like experience. It will only make your vacation stress-free with lots to do for all the members of your family.

A Taste of History with the Galle Dutch Fort

The southern coast of the country has this amazing historical monument. If your family loves history then this is one of the most important spots to go to in the country. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are quite a few places to eat nearby. Take a look into the past and also get access to good food when you visit.

Visit an Elephant Orphanage

If you are traveling with kids, don’t miss this opportunity to let them see the elephants live. The Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage is such a lovely place to enjoy with family. Feed the elephants with your hands and enjoy the whole experience. The place has beauty in its natural surroundings and takes in young or injured elephants and treats them, before releasing them to the forest reserves.

Travel in Trains

If you are looking for the best Sri Lanka family holidays, then a good idea is to make the most of the public transport the country has. And trains make such a nice way to travel. It is also cheap. You may have to pay extra if you are looking for an urgent ticket, but being smart and booking tickets well in advance will help you save a lot of money.

Trains will not just offer a unique traveling experience, but they will also take you through natural greenery, fields, and everything else the country has to offer in scenic beauty. Also, there are different compartments you can book in.

Go to the Yala National Park

No Sri Lankan holiday is complete without visits to the many national parks in the country. Not only will you get to see and witness animals, and birds in their natural habitat, you can also go for safaris. It is always best to go for morning safaris. Sometimes, these safaris are done by vehicle and sometimes you may be lucky enough to go on safari on an elephant! Kids love it.

Travel across the national park and make sure to always have your camera handy.

Manawari Temple

Enjoy getting a glimpse into the religious life of the people of Sri Lanka by visiting this temple. There is a lot of history and Hindu mythology attached to this temple. It is said that it is part of the great Ramayana Trail and Lord Rama prayed at the site many centuries is a beautiful temple and you will catch a glimpse of the rich history of the country.

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Tips for Foreign Travellers to Plan Sri Lanka Family Holidays

Health Rules:

The pandemic has left most countries of the world in a panic mode and Sri Lanka is no different. There can be specific health rules to enter the country. As a visitor, you may be asked for a health certificate. So it is best to get health certificates before the trip.

Travel Agent:

Hire a travel agent who has your best interests in your mind. If you are looking for a customized holiday experience, choose a travel agent who can provide that. They will be able to recommend special experiences for the whole family and also make the necessary arrangements.

Get the Required Vaccinations:

Sri Lanka is a tropical country and getting your vaccinations before the start of the vacation is important. Speak to your healthcare provider and b get all the recommended vaccinations for traveling to the country. This will help you keep yourself and your family safe and sound.


The country can be pretty hot and humid and that is why the best time to visit would be when the weather cools down a bit. Usually, visitors from foreign countries come here between the months between November and March.

This is the time when the weather has cooled down considerably. However, another great time for planning Sri Lanka family holidays is during the monsoons. The country gets sporadic bursts of rain often and the monsoon showers can be wonderful to experience.

Dress Comfortably:

When you are going to a foreign country, it is always a good idea to be dressed comfortably. So carry a lot of comfortable clothing that will not get pasted on the skin if the weather turns too humid.

Carry Water Everywhere:

It is always best to carry your own water bottles. Go anywhere you want but make sure each family member carries their own bottle.

For a country, the size of Sri Lanka, the natural diversity is quite breath-taking. Family-friendly holidays are certainly easy to enjoy. Yes, the cultural sensitivities may be difficult to interpret but as long as you do some research, you will have a great time. Choosing a quality travel agent to handle all things for you and make sure you have a customised experience is only going to make it a worthwhile Sri Lanka family holidays.