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All Need to Know about Driver CPC Part 3a Tests in Depth

People usually want to know about the driving tests in detail. The biggest confusion is about the tests they give. It is sometimes very difficult to analyze what we have to study and what is the procedure for qualification. Also as soon as you qualify for all your HGV driver training tests, you can fast-track your driving licence.

Today we are here to tell you everything about Driver CPC part 3A tests in depth.
It is a test for off-road exercises. So you must have qualified for the CPC part 1 theory test also known as the driver certificate of professional competence part 1 theory test before you have booked your driver CPC part 3A test.

Booking your test

You can book your test either with

  • The driver and vehicles standards agency (DVSA)
  • An accepted private test provider

It is better to find a selected test provider near you only. You will be able to directly book a test through them.

If the school you are training in is also a test provider, make sure that your adviser was not a part of your training otherwise you will have to find a different provider or book your test with DVSA.

What do you need to carry to your test?

  • A bus or a coach or a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) that meets the rules set by the government
  • Your pass certificate of theory test unless you are advancing your licence to tow heavier trailers.

To perform your test, you need to bring the vehicle of the category you have applied for. For instance, if you want to qualify for the articulated lorry (category CE) licence, you will have to bring an articulated lorry for the driving test.

You need to bring one

  • A Great Britain driving licence photocard
  • A Northern Ireland driving licence photocard and paper counterpart
  • An EU driving licence photocard and a paper counterpart if it is available with you

Just in case you don’t have your driving licence photocard, you can also bring your valid passport and paper licence.

If you lose any of these or don’t have one, you will not be permitted to take the test and also your money wouldn’t be refunded.

The test process

Your test will be of 30 minutes and it will include

An S-shaped reverse into the bay
Presenting the recoupling and uncoupling procedure, if you are giving the test with a trailer.

During the time you are giving the test

You can continue the test even if you make any mistakes in between.

If you are giving your driving test in Scotland, your examiner might stop you after you do a mistake which means that you have failed the test.

In Wales and England, your examiner will only stop and fail you in the exam if they feel that your driving is very dangerous for others.

The test results

Once you qualify for the test, you will be given a certificate. You will have to take this certificate when you go for your CPC Part 3B test which is the on-road driving test.
It is mandatory to pass your driver CPC part 3B test within 6 months after you have qualified for the part 3A test or you will have to repeat the procedure.

In case you are not able to qualify for the test, you can book the test again but make sure you do it after a 24 hours gap.

In case, you lose your test certificate

If you had booked the test through an accepted test provider, you can ask them for a replacement but then they can charge you up to £15.

If you took the test through DVSA, you will have to email the vocational test team of DVSA to get the replacement done. You will need a credit or debit card to pay £15 as a fee.

You will need to write the following in your email

  • your full name
  • your driving licence number
  • the date you passed the test
  • a telephone number so DVSA can speak to you to take your payment

Also if you want to fast-track your driving licence, you can talk at your training centre.