Dinner in the Desert

Dinner in the Desert: A Serene Retreat Amidst Dubai Red Dunes

Are you afraid of the disturbing ride across the desert? For your loved ones, dinner in the desert is the best choice, so don’t worry. Many visitors prefer to see the stunning Arabian Sand but are unwilling to ride a bike in the harsh desert.

They may not want to participate in the adventurous dune bash due to health concerns, or another tourist may not intend to. They adore taking relaxed rides in the stunning desert. One of the specially designed desert safari in Dubai plans for such tourists is dinner in the desert.

It additionally serves as a great tour for women who are expecting, people who have recently had major surgery, people who have spinal or neck discomfort, or people who have little children under three. There shall be no dune smashing on this trip, however, dinners in the desert include all of the similar activities that are offered in an evening desert tour.

If you choose the shared-based option, you must wait until everyone else finished their dune-bashing before going to the campsite. If you choose the private base option, you won’t have to wait for other guests and may head straight to the campsite.

The desert campsite is situated between stunning red dunes. In the evening hours, you will have sufficient possibilities to snap some lovely pictures.

So get a camera out and record the loveliest moments so you can remember them for the rest of your life. Additional activities, like sandboarding, can be scheduled right at the campsite. To get a sense of the Arabic way of life, you may go camel ride for photos, enjoy Arabic beverages and dates at a campsite and dress up in Arabic clothes.

This safari is best for anyone who prefers to skip the dune-bashing & head straight to the camp for other activities. Pregnant ladies, couples with small children, seniors, and anybody with any cardiovascular disease are all advised on the safari.

There are many options available, like quad bike adventures, sandboarding, wearing classic Arab attire, taking photographs with a falcon, having henna tattoos, inhaling shisha, and simply relaxing on sandy sunsets.

You can see live musical performances while having dinner, including the tanoura dancing show, the belly dancing show, & the fire performance. A range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives are offered during the buffet dinner, along with an appetizer, a main meal, and a dessert.


Breathtaking sundown views of the Dubai deserts

Camel rides & riding quads are available as options.

No hassle picking up and dropping off from the hotel in Dubai.

Classic dishes from a BBQ meal are served along with musical performances.

What’s Included?

  • Pick & Drop by AC Car
  • Camel Ride
  • BBQ Dinner (Veg & Non-Veg)
  • Belly Dance
  • Sand Boarding
  • Henna Painting
  • Shisha smoking
  • Tanura & Fire Show
  • Arabic Costumes for pictures
  • Washroom service

On-Demand Services

  • VIP Dinner
  • Dune Bashing
  • Alcoholic beverages

How Are The Dinner & Show Adventures Into The Dubai Desert?

Dinner & a show will be held after the dangerous sandboarding activities. You can stop along the road to take lovely memento photos while admiring the gorgeous sun setting across the sandy sea. When you arrive at the campsite, you will be warmly welcomed with a customary welcome ceremony and given sweets, dates, fruits, qawha, and mint tea.

You will now have some downtime to relax and practice the art of Bedouin living. A fantastic buffet-barbecue meal served in the Arab style with a fire & dance performance would be the perfect cap to a challenging day filled with emotions.

What Are You Going To Have For Dinner In The Desert In Dubai?

You’ll relish the meal, which includes kebabs, fruit salads, salad of potatoes, Lebanese salad, hummus, and khuboos. You may discover a variety of grilled meat products, including fish, lamb, & chicken, in the Barbeque section. Cuisines from Arabia are an entirely distinct matter. Numerous traditional Arab sweets are available along with dates & fruits. The luqaimat is among the most delectable dishes. Enjoy it paired with a mug of Arabic coffee or mint tea.

Drinks are typically available at open bars during dinner & entertainment trips in Dubai’s deserts, along with coffee and tea. Although it isn’t part of the package, you can purchase alcohol separately. You will be given the option of inhaling shisha after dinner.

What Performances Will You See While Having Dinner In The Desert?

You can take in a variety of live performances and sessions during the meal to brighten up the evening.

Dinner Shows

Belly Dancing:

Gorgeous hip & talented belly dancers practice this age-old artistic style known as belly dancing. Ramadan prohibits its availability.

Tanoura Dance:

an ancient dance of Egyptian heritage performed by dervishes who transform into a ritual dance that demands tremendous stamina and equilibrium.

Fire show:

This show will make your dinner somewhat more exciting. You can observe the actors’ skill in controlling the fire and putting on a spectacular performance.

Other Adventures

You may watch falcons fly as well as contact one in hand and snap a memento picture with it during the falconry performance.

Attend a henna course to learn how to draw beautiful, artistic designs on your hands in an Eastern way.

Ride a camel after supper, while it is not as busy, ride a camel.

Among the most entertaining tour, keepsakes will be photos taken in authentic Arabian garb. Feeling like a real Arab for the evening by taking some photos while wearing a classic Arabian outfit.

Which Day Of The Week Should You Choose?

Islamic culture considers Friday to be a day of relaxation, hence many businesses in the city are closed on that day. Thereby, it is a fantastic time to travel from Dubai to the deserts for a thrilling adventure. The trips are well planned, so you won’t encounter many people and may have a wonderful time.

Which Time Of Year Is Ideal For Dinner Across The Dubai Desert?

Because of Dubai’s tropical desert environment, it will always be hot there no matter when you visit. Still, the temperature might vary greatly according to the season. I suggest avoiding the summer months and going instead in the fall or wintertime when the temperature is more tolerable & staying is more enjoyable.

Additional Advice For Travelāing To Dubai’s Deserts

  • Stay hydrated
  • Make reservations in advance
  • Don’t forget to dress comfortably
  • Keep your phone & camera recharged