Ten Tips for developing a Successful eCommerce Mobile App

a huge marketplace for overseas trade with e-Commerce technologies. E-commerce is buying and selling of goods and services using the internet. It involves any kind of transaction through the internet. 

All the world is overflowed with smartphone users these days and most smartphone users are preferring mobile apps to buy products online instead of websites. So those success stories in this digital world are true but not easily achieved. Now the e-Commerce market is having a huge portion and that is why to stand out among all you have to retain your customer needs by providing the best experiences.

The major step towards winning the customer is providing them a great buying experience and to connect with them at every point while providing the services. In e-Commerce when It comes to connecting with customers two major ways strike in our head, one is a website and another is an app and as per the research of major smartphone users prefer an app over a website. Many businesses make the mistake of not developing an app for their business or by simply neglecting it.

So here we will be discovering 10-tips for developing e-Commerce mobile application to give your business the best outbreak out in this digital world.

10-Tips for Developing E-Commerce Mobile Application

1.Keep it user friendly and Simple:

When we interact with a person for the very 1st time we do not go out of our ways or make them look stupid or ourselves complicated. If we do so it will reduce the chances of second interaction or meetings. While developing an app keep this point in mind, make it interactive and simple. Include easy logging steps, avoid using complicated graphics, texts, or animations. Keep the interface user-friendly so that the customers will feel at ease to use your app.

The simplicity and user-friendly interface will give them comfort to keep using it and it will boost the interaction on the app.

2.Make it Secure:

While developing an app keep the security check step in mind. Make your app secure enough to win the trust of your customers. In the case of e-Commerce, not just login information is required but a lot of other details are also required. In the case of e-Commerce bank details, credit or debit card details are also required. So make sure to secure your app and keep a regular eye on it.

3.Visuals are important:

In the case of e-Commerce images of your brand and product leave a deep impression on your clients.

Visual information is way more effective than written texts so do not avoid uploading better quality pictures of your products to attract more customers.

4.Easy registration and social media integration 

We do not like to answer many questions while standing in queue to buy vegetables or groceries or while waiting to enter a restaurant. In similar ways filling out a lot of questionnaires and forms just to register for an app can irritate your customer. They will either skip the important steps or go for another app to do similar tasks with easy steps or they will be going back to the previously registered app.   

Integrating your app with other social media apps for the signup and login process will give them ease to perform the tasks and also by enabling the option to share their experience on the app can give you a lot of publicity.

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5.Give alternatives and simple checkout process:

There are times when we all as customers face pricing issues or better alternatives for the product we are looking for. Make sure to give all possible alternatives that a user might be looking for while initiating a transaction. Make the checkout process simple and easy to encourage them to buy the product.

6.Mobile Cloud Computing: 

 Mobile Cloud computing is a combination of cloud computing with mobile applications to reduce the server response time and increases the speed of an app to stand out from the competition and quality.

7.Provide recommendation engine:

By analyzing the behaviour of users you can introduce a recommendation engine to retain customers and improve cross-selling.

8.Chatbaots a new way of interaction:

Catboats use natural language to understand the user query and provide outputs as per the most suitable need of the user. Customers can easily raise queries or suggestions using it and as catboats are highly engrossing it leaves a long-lasting impression of your brand.


Geofencing technology enables GPS, Bluetooth, etc. to enable location-based marketing. Using this technology, you can send customized promotions and offers as per the user’s location.

10.AR: A New Age of Presentation Of Products:

AR stands for Augmented Reality, refers to superimposing virtual objects on the real world using the user’s mobile. This technology will make the user see the objects using different angles on the app and give the option to choose the best product as per their satisfaction.