Delhi to Tirthan Valley: An Ultimate Travel Guide in Himachal 2022

The Tirthan Valley, located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh at an elevation of 1600 meters alongside the Tirthan River, is a place of untainted and mystifying beauty. The tiny valley offers plenty of choices for the unconventional visitor in its unfamiliar settings, whether they choose to follow one trail or another, stroll through the woods or along the Tirthan river, or partake in an adventure activity.

What Makes The Tirthan Valley Worth Visiting?

You will be freed from all of life’s worries by the enchanted retreat in the Great Himalayan National Park ecozone, which also offers a tranquil setting in which to completely forget about the outside world. Numerous activities, including trout fishing, hiking, trekking, camping, bonfires, and photography, are perfect in the Tirthan Valley.

The ecotourism industry has grown significantly just in the previous ten years. A lot of popular tourist destinations are close by, like Kasol, Tosh, Manali, Kheerganga, etc. But Tirthan Valley has continued to be a less popular vacation spot. Therefore, despite the abundance of enjoyable activities available, you can be sure to discover quiet and peace in this location.

Numerous exciting and entertaining activities are available to travelers. 

These comprise:

  • jumaring, rappelling, and rock climbing
  • Both day and night hiking
  • crossing a river
  • Fishing for trout and angling
  • Photography
  • Camping Bird watching
  • Kayaking
  • Yoga and meditation
  • viewing the stars
  • rafting on whitewater
  • riding a horse

What location is it in?

On the alternate road from Kullu to Shimla over the Jalori Pass, Banjar or Tirthan is located. As a result, you get to enjoy the thrilling drive over the Jalori Pass and simply complete the circuit from Manali through the Tirthan Valley to Shimla or Mashobra in a single trip.

Timing is ideal for visiting Tirthan Valley

Despite the fact that Tirthan is a very nice, serene, laid-back, and pleasant spot practically all year round. But from March through May, when spring arrives, it is simply breathtakingly gorgeous and pleasant. The Tirthan Valley’s natural beauty is ready to enthral any person on earth with its abundance of apple orchards. Therefore, spring is the ideal time to explore Tirthan Valley.

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Summary of the trip

  • Duration: 2 nights and 3 days in Tirthan Valley plus 2 additional nights of travel
  • City of Departure: Delhi (Majnu ka Tila; 5:00 pm)
  • Travelers can reserve any of the 2 Star and 3 Star riverfront resorts in the picturesque Himachal Valleys, which are situated at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. There are also some options for camping.


Day 1: Banjar or Tirthan Valley (510 miles; approximately 12 hours) from Delhi

An aerial picture of Tirthan’s beautiful Banjar Valley

Around five o’clock in the afternoon, the trip to the Tirthan Valley departs from Majnu ka Tila in Delhi. An AC coach is used to travel the nighttime distance to Tirthan Valley.

Day 2: Visiting a nearby waterfall for sightseeing

A tourist hikes to a waterfall close to the Tirthan Valley

the morning of your arrival at the hotel. Register and get ready. You will be driven down to the rest stop by the river. A week of relaxation and acclimation is provided. You can engage in certain water sports right here, such river rafting.

You will then be led on a 2 kilometer ascent to the waterfall. The waterfall is a lovely location for relaxing and bathing. You will then be driven back to the resort where you can participate in outdoor activities like volleyball and badminton. The motel serves dinner and lets guests stay the night.

Day 3: Serolsar Lake and Jalori Viewpoint

Photograph of Serolsar Lake in the Tirthan Valley area

You will be transported for a drive to the Jalori Pass following a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel. You may take in the breathtaking 360-degree vista of the Kullu Valley and the Great Himalayas from here. You’ll be driven back to the hotel later on in the evening. With some light music and food, enjoy a bonfire. The motel serves dinner and lets guests stay the night.

Day 4: Visiting the Great Himalayan National Park and traveling back to Delhi

A photo taken in the Great Himalayan National Park near the Tirthan Valley in its lush surroundings

breakfast is followed by hotel check-out. Move on to the Great Himalayan National Park for sightseeing.

Spend some time in the national park before making the long trip back to Delhi. The following day, you’ll arrive in Delhi early in the morning.


Take a look at all the fun that awaits on a weekend vacation to BanBanjara Tirthan Valley before continuing to read. So why are you still waiting? Plan a trip to Tirthan Valley and enjoy a fun-filled vacation far from the stresses of the outside world. Still, Tirthan Valley is an unusual location in Himachal Pradesh.