A Comprehensive Guide for People Visiting Warner Bros Studio London

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Do the wizards of Hogwarts keep you on your toes? Well, you are not alone. There are millions of fans of the JK Rowling creation. For them, the Warner Bros Studio, London, brings a unique opportunity to experience Harry’s world in person.  

So, if you happen to be in London, Warner Bros Studio Tour London should be on your to-do list. You’ll have an experience of a lifetime as you see all the props used in Harry Potter movies in front of your eyes. And, to prepare you for the visit, we are writing this blog. So, keep reading to know every single little detail about the WB Studio Tour.  

Getting There 

Let’s start with the first things first. To get to the Harry Potter Studio, you can either drive in or take public transport. For the latter, get on a train to Watford Junction. From Watford, you can take a shuttle bus for £2.50. Shuttle buses leave every 15 minutes and will take you straight to the studio.  

Car Parking 

If you choose to go in your own vehicle, you’ll get free parking while entering the WB Studio. However, you need to keep your ticket handy to show it while entering the car parking space. Apart from the universal free parking, there are a couple of different types of parking as follows: 

Blue Badge Parking

This is for differently-abled visitors. This parking space is right outside the entry gate for convenience.  

Priority Parking

You can book a priority parking space right outside the entrance for £10. 

Ticket Pricing 

The Standard Tour tickets are priced at £49.95 for individual adults, £39.95 for children above 4 years and £159 for a family of four. If you’re going in a group of 10-24, you’ll get a discount of £2 per ticket.  

Alternatively, you can get a Deluxe Tour that starts from £225 per person. Here you’ll get free priority parking, a guide throughout the tour, and a complementary butterbeer as your tour ends.  

Ticket Collection 

If you plan to visit Harry Potter Museum London Tickets need to be booked in advance. And for online booking, you’ll have to collect the tickets from ticket windows outside the main entrance by producing the booking confirmation slip. Alternatively, you can also produce e-tickets purchased through Warner Bros mobile app. 

Pre-booking is mandatory for all tickets. You can not just go there and purchase a ticket. So if you plan to drop by, make sure you have already booked your ticket.  

The Timings 

  • The studio opens at 8:30 GMT 
  • The first tour of the day starts at 9:00 GMT 
  • The last tour of the day starts at 18:30 GMT 
  • The studio closes at 22:00 GMT 

Sets to Explore 

Now we’re getting inside the studio. There are too many cool places in the studio to confuse you. Thus, for your convenience, we’re making a list of the top 3 must-visit sets.  

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The Hogwarts Express 

The only link between the muggles’ world and the Hogwarts, Hogwarts Express, including the Platform 9¾, has been the backdrop of many iconic scenes. Though the movie scenes were originally shot at King’s Cross station, a replica of the train and the platform is placed at the studio. 

The Great Hall

This iconic dining hall has been featured in all seven movies. Here you’ll see the exact four tables for four houses, along with the costumes of each house of Hogwarts. The Great Hall is home to many superbly-crafted props, including Dumbledoor’s lectern.  

The Forbidden Forest

First appeared in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone; the Forbidden Forest is a thrilling place to go. Here in the studio, it has 19 trees, all of which are 12 feet in diameter. In the movies, the Forbidden Forest shots were shot in the studio as well as in an actual forest.  

Props to Check Out 

In the Harry Potter movies, hundreds of cool props were used. You’ll see a handful of them in the WB Studio, London. Here are the top 3 props you should definitely check out. 

Prof Umbridge’s Office

In the movies, Prof. Dolores Umbridge had a distinctive office. An office that’s coloured in pink and is filled with moving cat portraits.  

Memory Vails Cabinet

Acted as a vital source of information for Harry, this cabinet features more than 800 memory vails. Each one is labelled with a hand-written marking.  

Potion Jars

Over 900 potion jars are kept in a classroom set where Harry and his friends learned about different potions and their applications. These potions are mostly made of animal bones, dried leaves and herbs.  

Costumes to Try On 

In the Harry Potter movies, we can see a number of different costumes used for various purposes. A large number of those costumes are kept in the studio for visitors to try on. The costume collection includes Quidditch dresses, Yule Ball tuxedos, and Beauxbatons Academy uniforms. Don’t forget to try them all and click pictures as you wear these costumes.  


Warner Bros Studio Tour London will take you back to the time when you first saw the magic of Harry and his friend on the big screen. Unlike the movie, here you’ll find no Voldemort to spoil your tour. So if you want to spend a leisure day in London filled with new experiences, Harry Potter Studio is the place to go.