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Why Can’t I Comment On YouTube?

Several factors may prevent you from leaving comments on YouTube videos. We discovered a wide variety of causes for this. The reasons are mentioned below. You can determine if any of these causes could be the origin of the error.

We’ve outlined the major issue that prevents you from leaving a comment on YouTube among the different online causes. Review each point to get a sense of what the issue might be.

Why Am I Unable to Comment on Videos on YouTube?

To comment on YouTube videos, you need a YouTube channel.

It would be best if you had a YouTube channel to comment on YouTube videos. Whether or not you use the channel in any way is irrelevant. To comment on other public YouTube Videos, however, is necessary. Although according to YouTube, when you leave comments on YouTube videos, your channel is automatically formed, which you can edit later in the profile section.

Most instances where people cannot comment are simply due to this issue. It would be best if you did this first to address your issue.

Creators have disabled comments on YouTube

The decision to reply to viewer comments rests with the creator. On YouTube, a video’s creator can choose whether or not to allow comments on that particular video. YouTube creators widely use this function to block comments.

When a video addresses a contentious topic, this function is useful. The comments feature actual fights between users. Comments are sometimes disabled to prevent hate speech and fights.

Verify the YouTube comment. “Comments are turned off” will appear. You are unable to comment on that specific video.

The Restricted Mode on YouTube is activated.

A Restricted Mode function has been added to YouTube. It can be found in the settings. Parents can create a controlled environment with this option. Any mature or inappropriate content is deleted using this feature.

When in restricted mode, comments are disabled. Check to see if the restricted mode is on. If it’s on, you can disable it in the settings. Finally, you leave comments on YouTube videos.

Blocked for spam or negative YouTube video comments.

Your inability to comment could be one of the causes. Bad and spam comments are taken seriously by YouTube. There is a sizable community on YouTube. Every day, millions of comments are posted. To remove negative and spammy comments, YouTube employs algorithms.

Suppose you’ve spammed or left any negative comments. There’s a good chance you have a time limit on your commenting privileges. If many people report your comment, this can happen.

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Cookies that have expired in your browser.

We frequently log in using a variety of devices. Your cookie may have recently expired. Sometimes it takes time to log out. Log back in is all that’s required.

Cookie expiration issues are quite typical. Log out and re-login. Retry is leaving a comment on the YouTube video.

Your browser’s cache data can be completely cleared. After that, try leaving a video comment.

The YouTube Channel has blocked your access.

YouTube creators might block a particular channel or user. Any viewer who has been blocked can still access their channel and playlist. Simply put, it prevents you from leaving comments on that channel’s video content.

You can only do so much if a creator has blocked you. To get unblocked, email the creator. You can comment on their videos once you are unblocked.

Use a VPN to comment on videos.

If YouTube is the issue, there is little you can do. Try using a VPN when you can’t figure out what the issue might be.

Connect a VPN of a foreign country. Your problem will only sometimes be resolved as a result of this. But occasionally, it might be beneficial to you.

If you cannot comment on YouTube, what should you do?

There’s probably a reason you can’t submit any comments on YouTube. However, regardless of the cause, you should take the same steps to offer yourself the best chance of resolving the issue.

If you can’t comment on YouTube, do the following:

Change a Comment

When you can’t comment on videos, the first thing you should do is modify your comment. Try rearranging a few words or phrases. If there are any links in your comments, you should also think about removing them.

Keep in mind that YouTube comments are automatically censored. As a security measure, they may occasionally be labeled spam when they shouldn’t. Overly sensitive spam filters can be avoided by editing the contents of comments that were unintentionally reported.

Update your browser

YouTube is quick. As a result, a remark may have already been deleted by the time you get a chance to reply. If you encounter a problem while submitting a comment, refresh your browser to view the page again.

Get Some Rest

We can comment too much at times. When this occurs, YouTube frequently times out our accounts. We are unable to publish any comments until the time-out period is over. Given this, pausing if your comments aren’t posted might be worthwhile.

Don’t leave any comments on any videos for the first 24 hours. Next, post new comments gradually. If, after waiting for 24 hours, you still can’t publish any comments, think about waiting for 48 hours or longer.

Reset your internet router

Every internet router has an IP address built-in. YouTube may occasionally interpret an IP address as a spam address. The accounts connected to the address will be limited and flagged when this occurs.

Although it happens infrequently, occasionally, it may be worthwhile to reset your internet router. You might receive a new IP address as a result. Any concerns with the fresh IP on YouTube will be resolved because it will likely not be flagged.

Can you be banned from leaving comments on YouTube?

Yes. Commenting on YouTube may be banned.

Both YouTube and everyone else always values insightful remarks. You should be good to go if you abide by YouTube’s commenting rules. You risk being blocked from YouTube and the content creator if you spam or leave inappropriate comments.


You are now aware of why YouTube commenting is sometimes not allowed. There are ways to solve this issue, despite how annoying it is. Frequently, changing your remark, restarting your browser, or pausing will solve the problem.