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Boucheron Pour Homme Cologne Reviews

Boucheron Pour Homme is a citrus-based cologne that delivers citrus magic. It is made with tangy orange, Lemon Verbena, and deep Ylang-Ylang notes. The musky base rounds out the scent. Created in 1991, this fragrance was developed with purpose.

Citrus magic

Boucheron Pour Homme is an elegant, citrus scent that offers a unique blend of fruity and woody notes. Boucheron Pour Homme Cologne citrus-based formula combines tangy orange and lemon with warm ylang-ylang and a woody base. It was launched in 1991 and has a timeless quality. It comes packaged in an elegant bottle that evokes the classic Reflet Watch.

The scent is quite strong, with citrus and woody notes. It’s definitely not for everyday use, and is more suitable for cooler days. The scent isn’t particularly suited for cold winter days, though. It’s quite powerful and will overpower you. However, it is very feminine and evocative.

Powerful scent

The first impression of the Boucheron Pour Homme Cologne is that you’re in for a powerhouse scent. The aroma has a complex combination of ingredients, from citrus to tonka, musk, vetiver, and oakmoss. It has a woody base with hints of amber and patchouli.

A powerful scent, Boucheron Pour Homme was revolutionary when it was first introduced in 1991. It was the final masculine from Chaillan, and it has remained in fashion ever since.

It’s an aromatic chypre with a floral-based middle, a woody base, and a semi-sweet, resinous finish. It’s available in two versions: Eau de Toilette for $34, and Eau de Perfume On  for $48. The Eau de Toilette is relatively inexpensive compared to the Eau de Perfume Online, and the scent lasts quite long.

Citrus Floral for Men: This citrus floral scent is very similar to the classic citrus men’s fragrances of the 1980s. Citrus, juniper, orange citrus, and basil are a few of the top notes in Boucheron Pour Homme, and the scent dries down with a slightly musky note and a bit of sandalwood. It’s a strong scent that will linger in your skin for hours.

Unforgettable citrus magic

A unique combination of citrus and woods create a scent that appeals to modern men. The fragrance has a crisp citrus and aromatic freshness, and the woodsy accent is subtle but noticeable. The bottle is also distinctive, featuring a godroon signature that evokes the elegance of the Reflet watch.

The first note is citrus-based, with a floral middle and a semi-sweet resinous base. The sexy citrus-base notes are complemented by tonka bean, musk, and oakmoss. These top notes are not overwhelming, but they create the perfect backdrop for the citrus-based heart notes.

The second note is wood-based and has a hint of leather and cypress. The middle notes are geranium, suede, and cypriol oil. These elements are present in many of the fragrances that are meant to make men feel sexy.

Unimaginable citrus magic

The citrus notes of Boucheron Pour Homme are the most prominent part of this perfume, which has been around since 1903. Its other prominent notes include sandalwood, musk, vetiver, iris, and a mysterious incense note.

This citrus-rich cologne is not for those who are sensitive to citrus. Rather, it is for those who appreciate scents with a unique scent.

The citrus accord in Boucheron Pour Homme is both tangy and woody. It combines the citrus notes of orange and lemon with deep notes of Ylang-Ylang and a musky base. The citrus accord in Boucheron Pour homme is long and luxurious, and was created with purpose.

This citrus chypre was quite unconventional when it was launched, but it has become a classic today. The eau de toilette version is a good entry point if you’ve never tried this scent before. Its citrus-heavy composition is made even better by the presence of a resinous middle.