Best Smart Home Door Locks 2023

A smart home door lock can be a great way to protect your home from intruders. Some models can be programmed to unlock automatically and communicate with a smartphone to provide access to your home.

The Schlage smart lock, for example, comes in a matte black finish and can be controlled with an Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphone. It has a fingerprint scanner and a numeric touchpad to grant permanent or temporary entry to your home.

You can also program it to send notifications to your smartphone if you’ve forgotten to lock your door.

Igloo home Bluetooth Keyless Smart Lock

The igloo home Bluetooth Keyless Smart Lock is an innovative smart lock that pairs with your phone to unlock the door. With this lock, you can control the access log and manage the notifications.

You can also use it with other Bluetooth smart devices like Key box 2 and Padlock. Once you pair your lock with your phone, you can create PIN codes for your guests.

This smart lock is completely secure, and it works offline. This means that there is no need to worry about hackers or WIFI disruption. It also offers flexible access levels to grant your guests.

The igloo home Bluetooth Keyless Smart Lock works with an app for management, and you can access its logs from any mobile device.

This smart lock also includes a physical keyhole that is concealed under a magnetic coin on the front face. This allows you to easily enter the PIN without having to open the door.

You can also set a security lockout that prevents the lock from operating for five minutes if you enter the wrong PIN too often.

August Wi-Fi

The August Wi-Fi smart home door lock is a simple yet highly effective way to simplify your home security. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and an app for both Android and iOS.

Its auto-unlock feature allows you to open the door without using your keys. And because it’s compatible with many popular virtual assistants, you can even use your voice to open the door!

When you first install your August Wi-Fi smart home door lock, you’ll need to connect it to Wi-Fi to get started. You’ll then need to set up the August app. The August app allows you to manage your security remotely.

The app also allows you to make and receive calls from the lock.

August also offers a smart keypad that works without a smartphone. This is ideal for those renting their homes or renting out vacation properties. You won’t have to change the look of the front door, and guests can use it without having to enter their own passwords. This device costs $60, making it a great option for short-term rentals.

If you’re looking for a high-quality smart home door lock, the August Wi-Fi smart lock is the best choice. While it’s slightly more expensive than other smart locks on the market, it has many of the features of other smart locks.

For example, it’s compatible with Schlage locks and Kwikset smart locks. Buying one is a great way to improve your home security and control your home from anywhere in the world.

Yale Premise Touchscreen

If you’re looking for a smart home door lock that’s compatible with Apple’s HomeKit, you should consider the Yale Premise Touchscreen. The touchscreen design of the lock makes it easy to unlock with your smartphone or tablet.

The lock also utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to provide a more secure experience.

This lock is compatible with several smart home platforms, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It also works with other home automation platforms, including Control4 and Crestron.

This touchscreen smart lock also offers a wide range of customization options, including Assure Lock and Digital Door Viewers. Its backlit touchscreen keypad makes it easy to use even in the dark.

The Premise is also stylish, with its smaller interior casing. It also has HomeKit integration, which means that it can be controlled by Siri or the Home app. The Premise is also locally-based, so it is easy to install and use.

It also comes with a Kwikset app, which makes it easy to set up user codes and access other features.

Despite the Premise’ touchscreen design, there are also other smart locks that use the same hardware. The Schlage Sense, for example, offers the same features, but is $40 cheaper.

In addition, it supports multiple smart home systems and includes a Wi-Fi bridge. However, the Premise has a nicer aesthetic and offers more features.

Kwikset Halo Contemporary Smart Lock

This single-cylinder smart lock is compatible with Wi-Fi, fingerprint, and smart devices. It also supports traditional keyed entry and a thumb turn. In addition, it has a keypad or touchscreen for easy entry and exit. Its versatility makes it an excellent addition to a smart home.

With a patented fingerprint scanner and 256-bit AES encryption, this Kwikset Halo Touch Wi-Fi Contemporary Smart Lock protects you from advanced break-in techniques.

It also has a tamper-resistant interior cover and a low battery indicator. Installation is simple, requiring only a screwdriver. You can also manage the lock remotely using the Kwikset app.

The Kwikset Halo has a touchscreen that is not always responsive. The touchscreen can be slow and need a wakeup action to unlock. However, the keypad works just fine. It allows for up to 250 different codes, making it an ideal smart lock for rental homes and Airbnb’s.

The Kwikset Halo Contemporary Smart Door Lock is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The device works well and has AAA security rating, which is the highest rating available. It is also compatible with Alexa. It can also work with Google Assistant.

Kwikset Premise Touchscreen

The Premise touchscreen smart home door lock is compatible with Apple’s Home Kit and works with the HomeKit app. The lock features keyless entry and one-touch locking motorized deadbolts.

It also features Secure Screen technology, which prevents code detection using fingerprints. This lock is easy to install, program, and use. It runs on four AA batteries.

The Premise works with Apple HomeKit technology to connect to your home, and it responds to voice commands like Siri. It can also be controlled through Apple TV. The HomeKit app requires iOS 9.3 or newer and the Premise needs to be within 40 feet of an Apple TV to be compatible.

This smart lock can work with other smart home devices like the Schlage Sense and Yale Assure Lock SL. It requires four AA batteries, and the lock is a bit bulky looking. The Premise works with Apple HomeKit, which requires an Apple TV or an Apple Home Pod.

You can also use Siri voice commands to unlock the door. The Premise also works with Samsung SmartThings and Abode smart home systems, but it requires a separate hub to operate.

The Premise Touchscreen smart home door lock comes with an app to guide you through installation. You can also customize the lock’s settings to meet your home’s needs. The Premise Touchscreen smart home door lock can be paired with the Apple HomeKit platform, which allows you to use Apple TV, Siri, and HomeKit to manage user codes.

Yale Premise Motorized Deadbolt

The Yale Premise Motorized Deadbolt smart house door lock features touchscreen technology and is compatible with Apple’s HomeKit. It is also easy to install and uses AA batteries for operation.

This lock comes with a satin nickel finish, which gives it a classic look and appeal. It is compatible with Z-Wave smart home technology, which means you can control it remotely with a smartphone.

The Yale Premise Motorized Deadbolt smart house door lock uses a touch-screen keypad to allow entry and exit. This lock can detect your phone’s proximity and automatically unlock or lock the system when you enter and leave the home.

This makes it a good choice for vacation rentals and rental homes. It can even work with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa to make it easier to control your home. It is also one of the quietest smart locks on the market.

This smart home door lock also features an anti-fingerprint security feature, preventing guessing of fingerprint codes. It requires a compatible Z-Wave smart home hub, such as Samsung SmartThings. Moreover, it uses AA batteries for operation and can be boosted with an additional 9V battery.

Level Home’s Level Bolt

The Level Bolt smart home door lock is a door lock with the ability to control smart home devices via the internet. It is an inconspicuous retrofit kit that turns a conventional deadbolt into a smart home door lock. It works with Apple’s HomeKit hub and works with Ring Video Doorbell Pro. In terms of cost, the Level Bolt is affordable at $199.

It can also be opened with a physical key or with the help of the Level App. Its design makes installation easy and the Level App makes it possible to set specific times for door unlocking. The app also lets you control the auto-locking feature and give time-limited passes to family and friends. It is available for iOS and Android.

The Level Bolt works with Amazon’s Sidewalk-enabled devices and works with Apple’s HomeKit hub and app. It can also connect to Amazon’s Echo and Ring doorbells. The app can also be used to control the Level Bolt lock remotely.