Top Benefits of ReactJS for Healthcare App Development

The COVID 19 outbreak has supercharged the development of applications, even for things that were once considered impossible. Healthcare is one such sector where the use of applications has increased massively as the industry resorted to digital means to reach out to their customers, boost remote collaborations, streamline their work and enhance patient care.

This shift from the physical world to functioning online has accelerated the demand for web apps among healthcare organizations that have realized the potential of serving clients and patients online.

The Healthcare industry is a very important industry as it deals with life problems. It thus requires a robust system that can support the complexity of the services provided by the healthcare providers.

ReactJS is one of the best open-source libraries for developing such apps. Whether you need a mobile app or a medical web app, ReactJS is capable of creating apps that are capable of taking healthcare to another level of excellence and delivering superior patient services.

So, what is ReactJS and why is it a preferred choice for healthcare app development?

ReactJS was developed by Facebook as an open-source library for developing rich web applications and single-page apps.

One of the most loved features about ReactJS is it requires minimal coding which simply means that when you hire ReactJS developers, you get your app developed in a short time.  ReactJS allows developers to feature-rich applications which are capable of curbing data and reducing the loading time.

Benefits of using ReactJS for Healthcare App Development

Healthcare providers all over the world are relying on ReactJS for their app development. In fact, it has had more downloads than Angular in the past few months. Faster rendering, comprehensive toolkit for development, capability to streamline the scripting components gives an edge to ReactJS when it comes to developing apps.

It reduces development costs while providing a rich app experience. As a free open-source web app development library, it offers the following benefits for healthcare app development

Reusable components 

This is one of the most loved features of ReactJS. Due to the reusable components, healthcare apps become more secure and fast. For instance, there are several common reports of patients.

ReactJS allows the developers to create components that can be used several times. Developers do not have to spend time creating the same component for different modules.


Another reason to choose ReactJS is JSX. ReactJS uses JSX instead of using a conventional JavaScript design template. JSX or JavaScript XML is a superb characteristic that makes working with ReactJS super easy.

It incorporates HTML in JavaScript and breaks down the sub-component using the HTML syntax. This enables the developers to create new features in healthcare apps that give real-time results.

Virtual DOM

The size and performance of the app are directly proportional. Virtual DOM can handle frequent updates of the application and ensures faster processing. It eliminates performance-related challenges during UI rendering and provides a seamless experience to the users. Virtual DOM can make an app a success and can build a great patient-doctor experience.

Highly Flexible 

ReactJS can be used on any platform like iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. This enables developers to create quality, easy-to-understand apps that are highly flexible. The popularity of ReactJS has also widened the scope of its uses which include data binding, single page application and component-based UI.

It also supports server-side rendering of components that helps in large bundle downloads of JavaScript impaired by a slow network.

API components 

API or Application Programming Interface is a tool that is used to carry out specific tasks or interactions with the software modules. Retail apps, social media apps and other complex applications use API to ensure that data sharing is quick. In medical apps, API is helpful for authenticating systems and link them to a server. It also helps to gain access to the central patient repository by authenticating the system to improve the patient interaction solutions.

User-friendly Interface

A good UI and UX is very important for healthcare app because both doctors and patients enter data in the app regularly. It needs to be highly user-friendly so that patients can enter medical records, book appointments, easily.

Using ReactJS, the medical app is broken down into multiple components. ReactJS allows the creation of small components like patient lists, navigation components, repeatable components, etc. which is very helpful for developers.


Undoubtedly, ReactJS is one of the best technology stacks for developing medical and healthcare apps. Reactjs Development Company uses ReactJS to develop high-quality, high-functioning applications very quickly.

The rising popularity of ReactJS has also developed a thriving community. If you are looking for getting your healthcare app developed, you just have to Hire Reactjs Developers and they shall be doing all the hard work for you.