Project Collaboration and Project Management

Major Benefits of Project Collaboration and Project Management

Think of a project collaboration software as a cluster of balloons, with every balloon representing a team member. If the balloons are released, each balloon will go in a completely different direction. Similarly, when teammates are left on their own, the air of deadlines and expectations carry an individual in a different direction.

However, when you hold the balloons tight, they will not fly away. This is the case with members of a team, who can behold together with cooperation and discipline. Of course, you can’t control winds, but you surely have balloons in control, allowing people to collaborate and manage them at the same time.

Project management is the most critical aspect for any business to succeed. Visioning the project, with the right kind of people on board, is critical to meet end goals. Often project management is used synonymously for project collaboration, but there lies a difference between both the related concepts.

Collaboration refers to teammates working cooperatively with one another, to achieve shared objectives. Project collaboration means how teammates go through the processes together, to get the work done.

While project management focuses on the results rather than how they are achieved, project collaboration focuses on how to reach the end goals rather than what needs to be achieved.

We went through a brief distinction between the two. By now, you must have understood that they certainly are not the same, as perceived. Let us understand the key benefits from the two, to have a mix of both in the most optimal way.

A brief on Project Management & Project Collaboration

To brush up things, project management is all about reaching the end goals, irrespective of how it is done. It does take a combination of expert knowledge, methods, and skill sets while passing through several stages. Successful project management can be accomplished when projects are completed on time and within budget, ensuring people work towards their own goals without requiring much collaboration or communication between them.

Project collaboration on the other hand is all about the in-between processes to reach the end goals, irrespective of what the result is. It does need skill sets, methods, and expert knowledge while passing through several stages.

Successful project collaboration can be accomplished using project collaboration software helping to communicate and collaborate for getting things done seamlessly, ensuring goals are reached in optimum budget and time.

Benefits with Project Management

Customer satisfaction at its best

When a project is managed properly utilizing project collaboration software, customers can expect quality work from the team. Keeping customers satisfied with quality work is a result of successful project management. Achieving results is the key here.

Efficiency is a major outcome

The saved time directly correlates to saving money. Project management helps in streamlining things, enabling everything to be completed within time and budget. This ensures ultimate results are achieved using project collaboration software.

Employee morale sees a boost

Quality of work reflecting from an employee talks a lot about the engagement factor. When project management is stressed upon with project collaboration software, organizational issues take a backseat. This enables employees to handle a task with full engagement.

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Flexibility is yet another advantage

When projects are well planned with the right project management, it gives great flexibility to switch people and roles. The roles can be periodically rotated to get the job done. A good project manager utilizes project collaboration software with people on other tasks when needed based on skills.

Team development progresses a lot

Successful team management can be achieved if there is a sense of personal development. The efficiency and effectiveness go hand in hand since people are self sufficed to work on their own. In absence of project management, it is highly unlikely that a team can develop utilizing project collaboration software.

Benefits with Project Collaboration

Project goals are met faster

This is the power of a collaborative effort. An employee working alone may take time to complete, but a team on the other hand gets work done faster. When someone takes up too much work, more than one can handle, a project collaboration software helps to collectively work upon the same while solving problems together.

Brainstorming turns out more productive

Finding answers to questions all by yourself can be a tough deal. However, doing the same together with team members on a project collaboration software results in cohesive participation from all the team members. As a result, so many ideas bounce off, allowing for a social aspect to transform into fruitful solutions to problems.

Communication is next level

Workplace communication has always been the key to breaking the ice between people. With remote working gaining momentum, only a collaborative team can have smooth communication in place on a project collaboration software. It does have an overall positive impact.

Physical space is no more a hurdle

Owning a physical space as an office can be expensive. However, a social intranet makes it easier for employees to converse even without a physical presence. This is where project collaboration software makes it easier for people to communicate despite being located separately.

Relationship between employees gets better

Only collaboration helps people to utilize their strengths and capitalize on their weaknesses. A project collaboration software is well equipped to do this, wherein people can see what others can do, and what they can’t. As employees collaborate, their emotional bond does get stronger, with each task.

Last few words

We saw a detailed comparison between project management and project collaboration. Both have their share of benefits to offer. Of course, there is no denying the fact that the stronger the collaboration, the better it is for the project to succeed.

A project collaboration software makes it extremely easier to mix project collaboration and  management features in one place. Dispersed teams reap the benefits of virtual conferencing via such tools. Teams can perform the best delivering top-notch results with project managers acting as project collaborators as well.