Top 10 Benefits of Having Healthcare Mobile App

The power of technology is a boom when it comes to offering services and facilities anytime and anywhere with the availability of the internet. Technology has changed many industries drastically over a while. Mobile applications are everywhere and this small tool has brought revolutions in every industry, like entertainment, education as well as healthcare. 

As per researches due to the growth in the healthcare app development the global mHealthcare market solutions revenue will be reached USD 213.6 by 2025 from USD 50.8 in 2020, at a high CAGR of 33.3%. Also, the number of medical apps in the google play store from 1Q15 to 3Q15 has increased and is about to reach 47,140 which is an overall increase of 1.68% as compared to last quarter. Mobile healthcare apps are increasing revenue and turnover in the digital market and making healthcare facilities more and more accessible.

Now, there are many apps in the market to monitor the condition of the patient in real-time and helps in better management of clinics and hospitals. As per statica the market size of the digital healthcare segment has increased nearly four times between 2012-2017. The revenue generated by the healthcare app development increased from 25.39 billion USD in 2017 to 58.8 billion USD in 2020 and it will increase up to 189 billion USD by the end of 2025.

During times like this when the pandemic is drifting us apart and the spread of infection is the horror and cause of many deaths, mHealthcare apps are useful and they also gained popularity in the situation. But it is not the only reason for the boom in the digital healthcare world. Another and main reason is the possibility and complexity of new opportunities that the software offers for the industry.

Many characteristics are making the healthcare industry popular for clinics as well as patients. To understand its popularity it is important to understand why is the healthcare app beneficial? This will guide you to understand the benefits behind launching one as well as using one.

Why is the Healthcare app beneficial?

1.Increases accessibility

The healthcare apps make the facilities more and more accessible for remote areas. There are many places with a lack of medical facilities, even consultants. In such a scenario the mobile applications are making the distance negligible and facilities more and more accessible.

2. Increase workflow of clinics: 

The digital applications are improving the management of clinics and hospitals as well. It is also removing the chances of human error by generating and keeping track of patients’ past reports, test reports and remove the havoc of paper-works. It also shows the available schedule of doctors and decreases the number of patients standing in waiting rooms for appointments. The app also helps doctors to provide immediate recommendations in case of an emergency. 

3. Increase the accuracy during diagnosis

The healthcare applications are increasing the workflow and better workflow and management is removing the chances of error and increasing accuracy of diagnosis. Due to the healthcare applications, accessing the patients’ history at one time is becoming more and more easy and keeping track of their report as well. Technologies like machine learning and providing additional benefits to it.  

4. Helps patients to Track their reports

The healthcare applications help patients to keep track of their reports and medical history. It helps to analyze the changes in their conditions. It also helps patients to track their routine, time of intake of medicines, they can also check their sleep pattern, vitals, blood pressure, etc. 

5.Advancement of facilities due to introduction of IoT in healthcare

IoT is improving the healthcare sector in many ways and contributing to the growth of digital healthcare services. As per the research of statica, the total worth of the IoT worldwide was around 389 billion USD in 2020 and is predicted to rise to more than one trillion U.S dollars in 2023. The IoT is enhancing the sector by providing real-time health monitoring, tracking hospital resources and by collecting data in real-time and contributing to medical research.

6.Cost Reduction: 

With the introduction of a healthcare app, the cost to travel miles for a consultant is disappearing. It is also reducing the hospital charges as many tasks can be performed via the app without visiting the hospital. Patients can also see their bills in real-time and so it becomes easy to plan the budget for the treatment.

7.Easy and Secure Payments: 

The application is providing multiple options to pay via the app. With the app, the patients can pay quickly by different available modes such as UPI, Net-Banking, Cash or Card, etc conveniently and quickly. The integrated payment methods are safe and secure.

8. Convenient and comfortable for patients: 

The healthcare applications are making the healthcare facilities accessible and it also very comfortable and convenient to use. The online facilities are easy to track a specialist as per the patient’s comfort and to schedule an appointment as per their availability without creating havoc. Online applications also provide many additional benefits to professions as well as users.

9.New business model: 

Healthcare mobile apps have drastically changed the whole sector and their use is increasing day by day. Now many clinics and hospitals have their personalized apps and many doctors are on a different app. The apps also help to provide additional benefits and special offers to the users. The contribution of the Healthcare app development company is changing the model by introducing new features in the applications.

10.Estabilising trust-worthy brand for medical sectors:

The healthcare apps are providing many additional and integrated benefits to clinics as well as patients. Creating and launching a useful and secure mobile app enhance trust of users and hence better user engagement and win new patients.