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Are Hybrid Events Successful?

Hybrid events are now in trend as many people want to attend an offline event whereas others want to go online. Hence, hybrid event platforms are in the market with advanced features and functionalities boosting communication, engagement, and networking opportunities. 

Hence, here is a complete list of the features you can get with the best hybrid event making it successful and scalable. 

18 Features Helping Hybrid Events Get Into Limelight!

  1. Dynamic Device Support: Your audience does not have to worry about the device they need to join the online event. Furthermore, the hybrid exhibition platform offers multi-device compatibility. It means your attendees can join and enjoy the online event with any device. 
  2. Networking Tables: You can create multiple networking tables that can be helpful in discussing various topics between the audiences and speakers. Furthermore, it is a table round in shape that allows 2 to 8 people to sit at a time and share their opinion without hassle. The host can switch the tables without hassle. 
  3. AI Matchmaking: You can make friends even on an online event just like you would have in a physical event. Hence, the hybrid meeting services offer an AI-based matchmaking tool. It analyzes the registrant’s data and matches to create a proper friend list for everyone at the event. 
  4. Hybrid Networking Lounge: You can create a lounge for your online event attendees where they can find various content shared by your brand. Furthermore, they can access and download the various files, brochures, flyers, pdfs, and other essential information shared. 
  5. Business Card Exchange: You and anyone at the virtual event can send the request to a business card and accept to share the card without hassle. 
  6. B2B Meeting Scheduler: The professional hybrid launch platform provides a chance for attendees to reach and make an advance appointment with anyone at the virtual meeting. Furthermore, they will get a time slot as per availability. 
  7. CXO Lounges: You can create a separate session for the VIP and subscribers of your event. Hence, it is beneficial when you need to create a paid session for a limited number of attendees. 
  8. 1:1 and Group Chat: Everyone in the virtual event can connect with other attendees via the 1:1 or group chat option. Furthermore, they can do private messaging or choose to discuss the topic with everyone. 
  9. Live Poll and Q&A Session: You can develop the poll questions with four options and display them during the event in real time. Furthermore, your audiences can choose the option and vote. Also, you can create a separate session for all the questions asked by the audience and answers given by the speaker. 
  10. Live Audio & Video Call: Your audiences can use the audio and video calling for an easy connection with anyone at the virtual event. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to give an in-person event experience to your audiences. 
  11. Third-Party Integration: You can boost the communication, engagement, and networking opportunities at your virtual event. Just integrate various external apps and software. 
  12. Gamification: You can keep your audience engaged and entertained at your online event by adding AR/VR games to your platform. They can play and attend the complete event simultaneously without hassle. 
  13. Clap/Hoot/Emoticon Reactions: It is important that the speaker get to know what his audience is feeling in their session. Hence, you can integrate the clapping and hooting sound into your event to keep the audience’s excitement up. Also, they can motivate and encourage the speaker by writing messages in the comment section. 
  14. Text and Video-Based Notifications: You may have updates, changes, announcements, reminders, and more to share with the audience in real-time. Hence, you can use text and video-based notification options where you can convey various information without hassle. 
  15. Social Wall: You can use social media power to lure the audiences into your brand and services. Hence, you can integrate the social wall into your event. It will share all the social media discussions and debates with everyone. 
  16. AR Photo Booth: An event is incomplete unless you click various photos and selfies on different spots. Hence, you can provide your audience with an in-person experience by using the artificial intelligence-based photo booth. Furthermore, the hybrid event platform offers various background templates that attendees can select and take selfies. 
  17. Feedback Form: You can ask your audiences to share their experience with you by rating all the sessions. Hence, you can develop a digital form with all the questions and pop up it after the event ends. 
  18. Detailed Event Report: You will get a detailed report of your event with all your attendee’s moves and interests. Analyze it carefully as it will be helpful in conducting more events in the future. 

So, these are the various features that are the main reasons for the success of the hybrid event. You can also pivot to the hybrid technology that will help you reach the global audience with valuable content. Furthermore, you can take your offline event online with enough features and functionalities to boost communication, engagement, and networking opportunities. 

I Hope, you will find this article beneficial in knowing all the facts that make your hybrid event successful.