Top AR Remote Assistance Solutions that Empower Manufacturing Sector

Augmented Reality (AR) is drastically transforming manufacturing and the way factories operate these days. It is not just limited to gaming, but it is also helping various industry sectors to leverage their potential. One of its well-known solutions is Augmented Reality remote assistance solutions that are used in manufacturing.

Every manufacturing plant can transform the raw material into a finished product. As a manufacturer, you know the secret to success in this industry remains in continuing all the processes with chemical, physical, and mechanical interactions.

In this blog, we will look at the examples of companies that are reaping the benefits of AR remote assistance app at its best.

Companies That Are Successfully Using AR Solutions

Talking about the role of AR remote assistance solutions in manufacturing, it is fair to mention that it can have a huge impact. Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is thriving at a rapid pace, and many entrepreneurs believe in diversification and establishing plants in remote areas.

Here are some popular names that are successfully using AR solutions –


DAQRI has created an advanced ecosystem that puts makes it easier for manufacturers to use AR solutions. It has smart glasses that can add environmentally-based data directly into the user’s field of vision in real-time. As a result, it became easier for them to get a clear overview of the entire shop floor.

Apart from this, it has a productivity suite for AR that enables workers to observe, annote the real-world view, and get guidance about the usage of digital tools. What’s more, DAQRI offers different tools and platforms that can assist developers to use their existing apps or create custom ones by using DAQRI‘s Visual Operating System.

2. Re’flekt

Reflekt is creating the future workplace by blending human labor and augmented reality that can facilitate manufacturers to get the benefits of AR remote assistance app to digitally transform their operations.

In addition to this Re’flekt is radically transforming the below-mentioned sectors by giving them an innovative touch –

Operations –

AR can facilitate first responders to rescue the people who got hurt victims from vehicles safely and speedily.

Maintenance –

Field technicians can access additional data and geographical information for the purpose of training, maintenance, and repairing.

Training –

Augmented Reality can be used in the medicare sector and hospitals to assist nurses, doctors, lab technicians, and medical staff.

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3. iQagent

iQagent is a dedicated remote maintenance solution to enhance mobility across the plant floor. It can recognize different equipment and display relevant process forms, data, schematics, and other essential resources. Also, iQagent can resolve downtime much faster via better and more effective communication with the support executives.

iQagent has a practical AR view of the shop floor. Also, it can process data that is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the communication with the server of iQagent over cellular or wireless connections.

This tool can offer snapshots, screen recordings, and wireless streaming in high quality to any type of device through Apple technology.

4. Atheer

Atheer has an advanced AR platform named AiR Enterprise that has been exclusively created for the industrial sector. Moreover, its goal is to connect the physical and digital workspaces to facilitate employees to work faster, smarter and safer.

Atheer’s industrial software is an enterprise-grade Augmented Reality remote assistance solution that can enable the technicians to collaborate for calling over the discussion of subject matter, stepwise technical guidance, barcode scanning, process integration, and access to contextual resources and documentation.

5. Fieldbit

The name of Fieldbit’s solution is Hero which is an interactive collaboration for field workers and technicians with a two-way live video, real-time AR, videos, annotations, and voice messages.

Hero can provide its users with hands-free access for real-time collaboration that can increase first-time fix rates and overall productivity.

In addition to this, it will improve remote resolution rates that can boost machine uptime and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Field bit’s Hero can offer more accurate remote diagnostics and fewer return visits due to the issue of communication. Overall, it is extremely helpful in bridging the knowledge gaps within the workforce.

Concluding Lines

One of the major benefits of AR remote assistance app is two-way collaboration can reduce the time for resolving the issue and overall downtime. Manufacturers can significantly increase productivity and reduce downtime. However, independent app development may not be in the cards for every business for one or other reason.

However, the aim of app development cannot be achieved due to a lack of experience and suitable specialists. Whatever is holding your company back from the development you can probably mitigate it by finding a development partner that will take care of the process.

A reputed solution provider can assist you to build software that will bring substantial use and value to the company that can eventually result in faster growth and better revenues.