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All You Need to know about Beas Kund Trek

The beauty of the mountains as well as the peaceful meadows, the clean breeze, and the serene peace of the flowing water on the rocks is few of the many highlights that make up this Beas Kund trek.

The name implies the trip is towards Beas Kund, a trip to the start of Beas Kund, is a trip to the beginning of Beas River. This alone makes it more exciting than any other excursion in that you witness the melting of the ice into a small stream, which transforms into an immense river similar to the one found in the Beas.

It isn’t the straightforward perspective of the ice as well as the Lake that makes the hike amazing.

Another thing that adds some zing to this trip is the short amount of time you can spend. It is ideal for people who are new to the field Business on this trip can be done in 3 days or, in other words, a lengthy weekend.

We’ve always wanted travelers to know their fellow travelers thoroughly prior to taking off on a Himalayan hike. The information you gather is the difference between safe and risky travel. There’s also a distinction between a more healthy experience and greater self-awareness.

This section will help you learn details about the Beas Kund journey. It provides in-depth information about every day of the trip as well as the things to expect and the best ways you can prepare yourself for the trip.

Years of experience have been incorporated into this information. Check out the section titled “Frequently Asked query”. The trekkers will find it extremely helpful.

A visit towards the origin of River Beas with beautiful mountain views

Beas Kund is always an extremely popular excursion in Manali. It takes you directly to the source of the river that runs through Manali. (You might have been following the same river along the river when you first entered Manali!).One of the main reasons that travelers are drawn to this tour is a unique atmosphere.

Think about the lush green vegetation that thrives under the three mountains that surround Manali. In these areas of grass is the emerald lake where the Beas river Beas flows.

The striking perspective of this serene spring from the rocky highlands in the Pir Panjal range enhances the splendor of his surroundings. From here, you can feel an intense sense of being close to the source of this river that is overflowing which you can see within the valley. The emerald kund transforms into streams and falls to The boiling Beas River.

There is a belief that Rishi Vyas, the author of the Mahabharata and was bathed every day at the water. It is believed that the term Beas Kund may have been inspired by Vyas, which means sage and Kund which is an aquatic lake. The combination of stunning snowcapped mountain ranges, lush greenery and lakes entice all who walk this hike.

While this trek can be adapted for novices We can help with the preparation. The climb from 8000 feet at the start of the trip to more than 12,000 feet isn’t an easy feat.

Great Mountain Amphitheater

This happens within the first four days of the journey! These views of mountains are typical presents given to mountaineers and hikers following days of hard work. Not surprisingly, mountaineering centers are establishing camps along this trail to prepare those who want to scale mountains using Icebreakers.

A Fast Journey

Day 1:

Travel through Manali towards Dhundi. The journey between Dhundi towards Palchhani Thatch

Start leaving of Rambaugh Circle, Manali at 10.00 am. (Best method to reach Manali is to take a flight to Chandigarh.

While you’re there, take your bags of clothes in the car and pay the rent. The first campsite at 2.30 pm and eat lunch there.

Distance to drive 14 km: 1.5 hours | Cost 2800 rupees per car to be divided among passengers

Distance to travel: 1.5 km | Duration: 1.5 hours

The height gain is 6,725 feet to 8,156 feet

Trip Type Medium ascent. A well-marked road is followed with forest paths.

Day 2:

Palchhani Itch Lohali

Distance traveled Duration 4 – 5 hours

Altitude gain: 8,156ft to 9,465 feet

Trek Type Moderate to rugged slopes all through the trek.

Day 3:

Mohali is located in Beas Kund and Lady Leg. Visit Bakarthatch or Mohali

Travel distance: 5km | Time: 7-8 hours

Trek Type: To climb to the top.

Day 4:

Bakarthatch Bakarthatch Lohali from Dhundi. Return to Manali

Distance to travel Time 5-6 hours

Altitude Loss: 9,465ft to 8,156 feet

Travel type: Easy, moderate descent.

Return Costs:. 2,800 per vehicle, to be distributed to passengers

Note: Will be returning to Manali by 1 p.m.

The best time to embark the most on this excursion is from mid-May until mid-October because it is during this time that the temperatures in the region are not too hot to walk in and good enough to have the best perspectives of the spectacular natural spectacle.

Drinking Water and Food: Beas Kund Trek

It is recommended to bring water on your travels since you’re less likely to receive uninterrupted water. It is also advisable to refill the water to use in the future anytime you can access pure water while on your trip.

The most popular food items are vegetables, is also found in some camps. There are many eggs to be discovered but are more likely to have a similarity. If you don’t travel with the same group it is recommended you take your own food because there aren’t any restaurants in the vicinity.