Top 7 Adventure Activities to Enjoy at Kunti Betta

Two rocky hills makeup Kunti Betta, which is encircled by paddy, sugarcane, and coconut trees. For those looking for excitement, Kunti Betta is a unique location that has plenty to offer. A variety of water-based adventure activities can be enjoyed at the Thonnur Lake, which is close to Kunti Betta. There are 8 adventure activities that can be enjoyed at Kunti Betta, which are listed below.

Wangti Betta Image by permission of Pavan Prasad, Mysuru.

The History And Legend Of Kunti Betta

Getting away from the city for the weekend to spend time in nature is calming. It is 30 kilometers from Mysore and 130 kilometers from Bengaluru. It is significant both historically and mythologically. The base of the valley is home to temples, while the hillsides are well-liked trekking routes. 

According to legend, Bheema killed the demon Bakaasura on this hill. It is thought that Bheema’s footprint, which is proof of this legend, is a sizable indentation resembling a footprint in the rocks.

History Of Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta was created in the eighteenth century. At that time, Tipu Sultan was in charge of the Mysore kingdom. When he requested assistance from the French army to fight the British, Kunti Betta became his camp. French Rocks is another name for the location as a result.

Action-packed Activities In Kunti Betta

For hikers, Kunti Betta is a must-see location. Both rock faces and hillside routes offer a variety of climbing opportunities. Despite the moderate difficulty of the trek and hike, there are numerous boulders to climb over and tight spaces to slither past. At times, the paths can be difficult. You can also create your own path if you don’t want to take the well-traveled route. 

1. Hiking

For hikers to explore, Kunti Betta is a fantastic location. Short and mostly not too difficult, the climb to the hilltop is. But the ascent becomes more difficult as you near the top. To climb to the top, novice hikers may need anchored ropes. Wonderful vistas of the surroundings can be enjoyed during the trek.

2. Climbing rocks

The rock climbing location Kunti Betta is ideal. Adventurers who want to climb steep, rocky hills will find it difficult. Both novice and seasoned climbers can take pleasure in the rock climbing at Kunti Betta.

3. Rappelling

The Kunti Betta rocks offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy rappelling. Kunti Betta’s summit rises to a height of 950 meters. Adventurers will find the steep ascent and descent to be challenging.

4. Camping

Camping is a great idea at Kunti Betta. The valley and lake below can be seen in stunning detail from the hilltop. The location is ideal for spending a night outdoors while dining by a campfire under a full moon. Camping on a hilltop can only heighten the excitement of tent setup and shelter construction.

5. Swimming

Adventurers can cool off with a swim in Thonnur Lake’s cool waters. The KRS dam’s backwaters provide water for the lake. In this lake, there is water all year long. This makes it the perfect location for swimmers to enjoy themselves in the water.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking can be done in a nice location at Thonnur Lake. Riding a kayak requires skill and technique, making it an exciting activity. Adventurers enjoy kayaking because it is a quick, single-person, close-decked craft that can offer plenty of excitement to the rider.

7. Boating

Another activity available at Kunti Betta is boating. Riding the boats, which are typically referred to as dinghy, is a lot of fun. 

Another activity you can enjoy at the Thonnur Lake close to Kunti Betta is fishing. Anglers who enjoy fishing can try their luck in the lake’s waters. Visitors can enjoy this enjoyable activity all year long.